Weekend fun

Had a bunch of “fun” this weekend…spent Saturday shopping at Costco, spent Sunday at Installation Mass at St. Francis of Assisi in SF, oh, by the way, I had minor surgery on my eyelids on Friday.  The eyes are itchy.  Really, spent the weekend taking it easy due to the surgery.  But I’m back to work today…

The installation Mass for the new Rector at St. Francis of Assisi’s national shrine was beautiful, and well attended.  Archbishop Cordileone, Bishop Ignatius Wang (who used to be the pastor at St. Francis of Assisi), Monsignior Tarentino, The Provincial of the Capuchin’s Western Province, Fr. Matt Elshoff, Fr. Tony Marti were presiding, Fr. Greg, the outgoing rector, and of course, Fr. Harold Snider, the new rector, were all there.  It was a solemn Mass, accompanied by a Schola Cantorum from Marin County, a very solemn celebration.  I really love that Church, but to attend on Sunday would involve the major chunk of the day.  Public transportation doesn’t run very well on Sundays into the city, or anywhere in the Bay Area for that matter.  We left the house at 9:00 to be there for 11:00 Mass.  By the time we got home, after the reception, it was already nearly 3:00.  As a special occasion, though, I’m sure we’ll be visiting again.

Anyway, the surgery went well, my eyes are still black and blue, but the swelling is way down.  I’m sure I’ll be fine in a couple weeks, I’ll muddle through the next week or so.


What say you???

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