Weighing in on Zimmerman

Lots of words have been spent on the event and the aftermath of the Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin.  I’m happy that Zimmerman was acquitted.  That’s not to say he’s innocent.  It never is.  Sorta like the wisdom of Catholicism-we never say someone’s in hell, we only know who’s in heaven…

I think what happened, the event, is a tragic series of mis-steps.  I’m sure Zimmerman checked out Martin.  Martin didn’t like it.  Martin was walking away, and his ego got the better of him, and he confronted Zimmerman, and assaulted him.  What didn’t happen was that Zimmerman stalked him, gun at the ready, like in a TV police show.  At any rate, Martin got the better of Zimmerman, had him on the ground, pounding him like an MMA fighter, and felt the gun in Zimmerman’s pocket, went for it.  Zimmerman got it first, and ended the confrontation.  We know that there had been crime in the neighborhood, and that the neighborhood was trying to stop it.  That’s why Zimmerman was out.  The way Martin was walking through the neighborhood, keeping to the shadows (whether it was raining or not-he had a hoodie on), and seemed suspicious, which is why Zimmerman called 911.  Obviously, police presence wasn’t very good in the area, because the cops didn’t respond fast enough.


Yes, it is a tragedy that Martin was killed, but I don’t believe this young man (not a boy) was squeeky clean either.  Being a jock, and a fight enthusiast, he let his ego get the best of him, and went after Zimmerman when he should have left it alone.  May God keep Zimmerman in his loving hand and help him make his walk through the rest of his life.


4 thoughts on “Weighing in on Zimmerman

  1. I say: God sits high and he sees the low.

    The fact of the matter is: a person who had no weapons, was on his cell phone, discussed with his girlfriend how afraid he was because he will being followed, and was walking away from the perpetrator to head for his place of residency ( as he should) was being followed by a person who had a weapon ( 9MM) and was advised to stop the pursuit upon which he refused to do.

    David, how can you draw the conclusions that you made and call yourself a Catholic, a child of God ? Zimmerman followed Trayvon because of how Trayvon looked. Not because Trayvon commented a crime, or did something illegal. Please be careful, David, your racism is showing.

    In the last days, many will come to Christ and say: I have ministered in your name; Christ will turn and reply: I have never known you.

    David, you can deceive mankind; you can’t lie to Christ. Michael, the Archangel will toss you from heaven and you will fall like lightening as Lucifer did. Try to truly repent and go to confession. Lucifer and his followers will not enter God’s kingdom.

    I will pray for your true salvation.

    Mrs. Janis Ernest,
    Child of Christ and truly Unapologetically Catholic
    ( I don’t love one race over another; I love the Holy Trinity)

  2. Janis, I don’t see the facts the same way you do. Sorry. That’s what God will do-he knows their hearts.
    Here’s what I see:

    A neighborhood riddled with home invasion crime institutes a Neighborhood Watch program. George Zimmerman sees a suspicious person and calls 911. 911 tells him to get to a safe place, then asks where is he now? He follows to find out. Trayvon doesn’t like being checked out (not that I blame him). He turns on Zimmerman, and confronts him, tackles him, and assaults him. Zimmerman, afraid for his life, shoots.

    I could be wrong. I didn’t follow the trial. I do know that Zimmerman could not be classified as a racist-he mentored black youth, took a black girl to his prom, and in all the investigation, there was no shred of evidence that he’s a racist.

    Secondly, all parties have stated, and I agree, that racism wasn’t involved. Therefore, this is not a case of racism, everyone agrees, except Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and a few others. Those involved in the case say otherwise.

    Lastly, name a law that George Zimmerman broke? I’ll wait…

    The fact is, this is a tragedy, and someone’s son is dead. I think he let his ego get the best of him, and it did.

    You can call me racist all you want, Janis, but it doesn’t make it true. I try hard to be color-blind. I don’t see color, at least it’s not my primary consideration when regarding anyone for anything.

    You should be careful, yourself, Janis. Judging people’s intentions is not your purview, it’s God’s.

    Lastly, if you’re so concerned about racism, can you tell me the names of the 80+ black kids that were killed in Chicago during the length of the trial over one young man’s death?

  3. Folks, may Trayvon rest in peace! A jury of his peers found him not guilty and leave it at that.

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