Paula Deen admits to using the N-word

So Paula Deen, under oath, admits that she used the N-word, and Food Network fires her, or doesn’t renew her contract, or whatever.  So what?


First of all, I love the Food Network, though I have seldom watched Paula Deen.  But let’s examine this closely…

Is there any doubt that every one of us has used some sort of racist comment in their mind, at least?  Qualified someone’s look or behavior based on their race?  Experienced hatred for another human being?  My mother, being brought up in the early 40’s, used the word to denote any black person, and didn’t consider it a racial or racist remark.  It’s like calling a Caucasian “white”.  It is slang.  Admittedly derogatory, like things they call Polish or Italians, just to recall a couple others.  Derogatory but not racist.  Had Ms Deen used it on the air or in public, in this day, even in an out-take, I would have to say she needed to be curtailed, maybe fired.  But what does that word really mean?  While it has derogatory connotations, it really means “ignorant”, in a word…  So, it’s not a nice term to use, but there’s lots of those.

But next, if you’re under oath, are you really going to lie when asked a direct question?  She said she had used the word in the past, having been working in a bank and having been robbed at gunpoint.  (I will tell you that whenever someone invades your dignity, whether you’ve been cut off by some joker in the commute or robbed while working with money, you release your stress this way naturally, and afterwards you tell God you’re sorry for your reaction)  She said she’s sorry, she said that she doesn’t use the word now, and like lots of white Southerners, they’ve gotten away from the bad old ways.  I have a feeling that Paula Deen never owned a slave, and doesn’t hate black people.

And lastly, should she just suppress the fact that she’s human, and if she does not like black people in general, push that feeling under the surface and hide it?  I say the heck with that.  The devil loves it when we keep our sins in the dark, because when they’re left in the dark, they fester and grow.  Instead, admit your issues, and find some way to deal with them.

Paula, while you may have made mistakes with black people in the past, I, for one, forgive you, and I’m sure many blacks forgive the indignity.  I don’t think you called anyone that to their face.  Therefore, your sins are within you, and God alone knows your heart.


One thought on “Paula Deen admits to using the N-word

  1. Talk about rotten apples and spilled milk. After admitting in a deposition that she used the dreaded “N” word along with her brother, Bubba, Paula Deen is now backtracking in a big way in order to save her business backside.

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