First, I’m sorry, I’ve been away.  Busy with work, home, life, and Church.

I go to Mass every day in a seedy part of town.  I walk through a residential neighborhood up Broadway in San Francisco past at least 6 or 7 strip joints to the National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi.  I’ve been doing this for several months, passing these places, along with the other industries which support, and are supported by these ‘clubs’.  I’ve been propositioned, and invited for lap dances, and so on.  Those are all very easy for me to decline.  But I’ve noticed a couple places that sell lingerie wear, probably for the women that work in these clubs, and lately they’ve had me thinking…

Do you realize how lingerie incourages lust?  I’m here to tell you.  Even on a mannequin, some of those outfits draw out thoughts from a man, and I can only imagine (and remember) how I thought at the sight of said clothing on a woman, whether she was involved with me, or not.  And I’ve gotten to thinking about how the entire fashion industry plays on this instinct.  Swimwear, as well.  Even if the article of clothing covers the nether parts completely, much of this type of clothing leads to impurity.  I remember a long time ago, for Valentine’s Day, I bought a set of lingerie for my wife.  She wore it for me.  Once.  I think it wound up in the garbage bin.  She wasn’t comfortable wearing it.  But it did evoke what it was supposed to.

I’m not against women being beautiful.  Women are supposed to be beautiful.  It’s how they make themselves beautiful that bothers me, whether it’s too much makeup, the clothing they wear, or how they show off their assets.  Even in a man who tries so hard to be holy, we have eyes, and what you wear, say and do has consequences to those you run into, even if you don’t know them.


What say you???

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