Is God telling us something?

Notice, I didn’t ask “Is God TRYING to tell us something…”.  And maybe I should title this “God IS telling us something.”  But to the point.


I’ve been contemplating about the juxtaposition ($10 word!!!) of news stories coming to a head this week.  With the freedom of the three young women in Cleveland this week, and the case of the abortionist in Philly (I won’t even dignify this with his name…), I got to thinking how they’re related.  Do you realize that we have 50,000,000 missing children in this country???  That’s right, those children who have been aborted are a class, the largest class, of “Missing Children”.  Of course, nobody is looking for them.  They’re just gone.  Sort of like Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus.  Although two of the girls had family who have always kept their hope alive, the rest of the country did relatively nothing after the initial months.  Michelle Knight was dismissed by her family as having run away.  And it is evident that Amanda and Gina have loving families who are glad to have them home.  But what about the parents of all those 50 million aborted children?

I have heard it said that every mother carries cells from every one of her children, cells that are uniquely the child’s. (  It’s also known that, when a woman who’s had an abortion eventually has children, they know, somehow, that they have missing siblings.  But these are asides…

It seems that these two stories are put together to remind us of what a horror abortion is, and what a horror it is when a child goes missing, but it’s also a reminder that any child is missing when it’s not with its parents, regardless of who commits the crime.  That’s all there is to it.


What say you???

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