A couple of thoughts

I’ve been out for a few days, some of it sick, some of it busy, and sometimes just with barren brain.  I’ve been drinking in all of the new Pontiff’s wisdom, sad at the downslide of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s health, apparently, and fighting fires on the homefront.

The other day, while commuting to work, I noticed a husband and wife on the bus.  They were chatting, about what I couldn’t hear, nor was it my business.  But the woman was applying makeup, and some thoughts ran through my head…The big question: WHY???

I must say, I don’t get the whole makeup thing.  My wife, when I met her, didn’t wear makeup, and seldom puts makeup on.  I like it that way. I like to see her the way she is.  I don’t care about flaws, sags, lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and so on.  But that’s just me.  Here’s this couple going to work, and she’s (assumed) not going to see him all day, and she’s putting on makeup.  For who???  I’m not talking about a little powder and lipstick.  She was doing eyeliner-the whole 9 yards.  And I’m not trying to blame women for wearing makeup-it’s as old as the “oldest profession”.  Women wear makeup in order to be more presentable.  But what’s behind it?  Do women want to be seen as beautiful by every Tom, Richard, or Harry passing by on the street?  Ogled? Is there some satisfaction in thinking “I look good enough to attract mens’ eyes”?

I’m often amazed when walking into a general clothing store like TJ Maxx or Ross.  25% of the store is Men’s clothing and Household.  The rest of it is women’s apparel.  I swear, there are so many varieties and colors, and it makes my head swim.  All in the name of a woman lookiing good for anyone not her spouse?

I may be selfish, but if my wife is going to go through all that trouble to look nice, I want her to do it for me, not every other guy!  I’m all for the old style where a married woman covers her head, and dulls her curves with loose fitting clothes.  A woman’s beauty is not for everyone’s ‘consumption’, unless she’s single.  And even then, I believe that modesty in clothing can get you everywhere.

Am I wrong?


3 thoughts on “A couple of thoughts

  1. No on the modesty, but yes you are wrong in everything else. We wear make up and nice clothes to feel good about ourselves, despite the company. The better we feel, the better and more confident we become. Same as you. When you are dressed and clean shaven, you feel more confident.

  2. I personally do not believe that you dress for success, or to be more confident. In fact, the only time I dress up is when I go to Mass. Of course, if I go to a job interview, I will put on a jacket and tie, but it’s not to feel more confident. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand it. Also, I don’t know why putting on makeup or clothes makes you feel good about yourself. Self-esteem comes from within.
    As I stated, my wife doesn’t wear makeup or fancy clothes, and you couldn’t find a more confident person.
    I’m not critical, if that’s what’s behind it. I also realize that some businesses require you to dress up and be made up accordingly. But I specifically remember a woman wearing jeans and a shirt to work, and being totally made up, and she works in the food court at Costco. Again, I’m not being critical, just wondering about it…

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