Happy Pasch

I will be observing the Triduum by not writing during said Triduum.  I hope everyone has a happy Easter.  I hope everyone has made a good Confession, and is ready to participate in the Sacraments.


FWIW, so far in this Year of Faith, I have read about 1400 paragraphs of our Catechism, will be complete with the Sacraments of Healing this weekend.  I will also be done with the first letter of St. Paul to Timothy, in my walk through the NT.  I’m also reading James Hitchcock’s History of the Catholic Church, watching Fr. Barron’s Catholicism.  I’m pretty much on track.  I’m going to start the NT over again, and once done with the Catechism, I’ll read the Vatican II Docs.

Oh, and I’ve lost 12 lbs the past year, pretty much by giving up a lot of snacking, and walking to Mass most weekdays.  I log 2.6 miles walking a day, 1.6 to Mass and back.  All praise and thanksgiving to God for all these gifts, and a means to use them.  Happy 8th birthday to me on Saturday night!

What say you???

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