Conclave begins

I’ve been watching the proceedings in Rome, through the magic of modern technology, and wanted to record my thoughts.

The world tends to see the humanity of the Catholic Church, and this is normal. The working of God is largely hidden.  People have been talking about the political aspect, or who’s worthy of being the next Pope.  They look to the past and see how some popes were power-hungry, desirous of being a monarch, or the corrupt popes, of course bringing up all the bad examples.  But when it all is said and done, it really is the Holy Spirt working.  Even if the cardinals are trembling with confusion trying to figure out who to cast their vote for, with a quiet heart, the Holy Spirit will indicate who He wants.  So trust the Holy Spirit.  He’s the one Jesus promised to guide His Church into all Truth.

Regardless of what’s presented in the coming days in the secular media, we already know that the Church is a hospital for sinners, not a country club of saints.  The new pope will be the Holy Spirit’s choice.  What makes people believe that, just because there’s politicking going on this past weekend, that the Holy Spirit wasn’t right there, whispering in ears, and setting the course He wants?  After all, we read in Acts that, after prayers to the Holy Spirit, Peter and the apostles asked for guidance as to which of two candidates would replace Judas.  And after all that prayer, the two candidates drew lots.  So when they asked the Holy Spirit to guide them, did he not comply? Did he not lead Matthias to choose the right lot?  Of course He did.  Do we really think the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to gently guide His princes to the appropriate decision on who should be Pope?


What say you???

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