This past several weeks, there have been a plethora of advertisements on television about what to get your special one for Valentine’s Day.  Most of them seem to suggest that your acceptance as your special one’s special one is dependent on how large/expensive the gift is.  Some suggest that sexual favors will be bestowed because you bought her the giant bear, or footie pajamas.  But this is immature love.

May I suggest that, whatever you give your significant other for Valentine’s Day, give it from the heart, with no expectation that the love you show will be returned?  This is love.  Looking at how our Savior loves us, by sacrificing Himself for us (even his incarnation was a sacrifice-imagine the God which the universe cannot contain being contained inside our Mother’s womb, then inside a baby’s body, not even able to talk?), asking nothing in return for that love?  Jesus loves the unrepentant sinner just as much as he loves you, after all.  He loves us unreservedly.  So by following Him, loving our spouse, kids, etc. by His example, we should love without expectation of the other person reciprocating.  Of course, they should love you the same way.  But whether they do or not, it’s our responsibility to love others unreservedly, too.


What say you???

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