A few pictures from our 25th anniversary

Just wanted to give my readers a share of our trip.  With all the identity theft, I’m reluctant to post pics of me, but here’s a little of what we saw.  This is far from comprehensive, the best pics are on my camera and DVD camcorder.  These are from my phone.  Yes, I got it back! Thank you St. Anthony!

This is the Parish Church’s Altar in Cruz Bay



A rainbow over the ferry dock on “our” day


Leaving St. John to go to St. Thomas, from Greater Cruz Bay


I know it’s not much, but I had a heck of a weekend…Before we left, I was having issues with my car.  Since I drive 1.5 miles each way, we decided to wait until we came back to fix it.  Well Saturday was that day…we spent the morning playing Scrabble while the mechanic changed parts on ol’ Jasmine, then an overdue Costco run, and then we got home and had to have a Wii session…still on Island Time, slept early.  Sunday woke to go to Mass, and ol’ Jasmine wouldn’t start.  Had to jump it and move it out of the way, meantime missed Mass, but got the rest of the grocery shopping done, and picked up spare part for ol’ Jasmine.  Got home, cooked, cleaned cars, repaired Jasmine, and got our taxes filed…Sorry, not time to gather pictures…


What say you???

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