Commentary on the sex aspect of the Super Bowl, and TV in general

The Super Bowl alwyas generates lots of interest in advertising.  Everyone buzzes about the new GoDaddy offering, or whatever.  Personally, my favorite ads were the “God made a farmer” Dodge Ram commercial, and the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.  There were lots of good ads, and thankfully, the 2013 GoDaddy ad was only shown once or twice, near as I could tell.  I believe I saw it more on the conglomerate of FoxNews programs-The Five through Greta Van Sustren.

Suffice it to say that the advertisers should look for their target audience, and remember that children will see an event like the Super Bowl.  I’m not saying that companies cannot advertise their product however they wish.  They have that freedom.  It irks me more that news commentary shows have to do entire segments about “Hey, have you SEEEN the commercial that Carl’s Jr. has out?  It’s quite racy, don’t you think?  But just in case you didn’t see it, here it is:  blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah But here, let’s look again…see those bare side-breasts?  Do you see how her hands are covering up her breasts?  Wow, look at her eat that sandwich!  OK, let’s open it up to the twitterverse-too racy, or ok?”

I have this saying when either my wife or I see something we’d like to buy, know it’s out of our affordability range….”The price is $If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.”  Applied to the above, if you have to ask if it’s too racy for television, it probably is.

I know television pushes the limits.  Words you couldn’t get past the censors 10 years ago are commonplace.  It came out this morning (or last night) that CBS is telling the stars to cover up for the Grammys.  I seldom watch network television because they parade stuff I don’t want to see as normal.  I spend most of my time watching FoxNews, NatGeo, Discovery Channel, History, Smithsonian, and the like.  I watch some shows just because of my fascination with how people will buy a warehouse full of junk to see if they can find some hidden treasure in there-Baggage Wars, Storage Wars, and the one about buying houses.  I watch Amish Mafia to see how supposedly religious people can be led so far astray.  But not network television.  Except for two shows-Blue Bloods and Undercover Boss.  And lots of sports.  Not that I watch television that much.

I’m thinking for Lent I’m going to really limit my TV viewing…and get back on track with my Catechism reading, and Bible.  I slacked off for our trip…

BTW, this is my 500th post.  Wheeeee!

2 thoughts on “Commentary on the sex aspect of the Super Bowl, and TV in general

  1. Bravo. You’ve put to words the reason why I don’t watch the SuperBowl anymore – or TV in general. I now rely and wait for shows on Netflix. No questionable commercials and if the shows gets to be too much, well, I stop watching it. And it might make me behind on the entertainmnet front (since shows come later on Netflix, after tv air dates) but it doesnt matter. I don’t watch shows to keep up with the Jones’. I watch for my own entertainment. Additionally, I don’t watch awards shows anymore either – commentators annoy me. I wait til then end and peruse through the photos of who wore what (I am a girl after all and I love pretty dresses). And I read who won and didn’t, who said something good or bad, and who wore their hair up, down, or just plain crazy. It’s all pretty funny really. I’m waiting for the grammys to finish so I can read all about the theatricality of it all. 😉

  2. We generally Tivo what we like (our DVR is full of EWTN shows), and skip through the commercials. I don’t care, either, about being on top of entertainment trends. The shows I generally like are old-fashioned. Regarding the red-carpet regalia, I, too, even though a man, a step-father of girls, a grandfather of girls, I love pretty dresses, too. I like seeing young girls in the mall in tutus, in fact, I’m a bit fascinated by female attire in general. I like seeing a woman who knows how to dress, dressed well.

    I used to watch the Grammys because I loved how they put two diametrically opposed performers together, and that they worked, somehow. Like putting Andrea Bocelli with Queen Latifa or something. I beleive I told you what’s on my musical scene…so I don’t watch award shows anymore, nor do I watch ‘beauty’ pagents.

    Thanks for reading.

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