Silver Anniversary Announcement

I’m still around, dear readers, just busy, and contemplating what it really means to be married for 25 years…

I start with praying the confiteor…but address it to my wife.  I confess to Almighty God, and to you, my beloved wife, that I have greatly sinned in my thoughts, in my words, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievious fault.  Therefore, I ask the Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin, all the angels and saints, and you, my beloved wife, to pray for me to the Lord our God…

Thinking of all the ways I’ve failed her is very humbling, considering that I’m supposed to be the spiritual leader of our family.  When I married her, it was kind of frivolous.  I suppose God put us together for this purpose, but we hardly knew each other, and I’m sure my wife wondered what she got herself into.  I know she still wonders, but I try to be better every day.


4 thoughts on “Silver Anniversary Announcement

  1. Oh congratulations! And oh my, I like that Confietor idea. (note to self: must mention this my husband) I’m sure you’re planning on doing something special, right? A trip somewhere, perhaps? Or will you be cooking some yummy Filipino food? 😀 God Bless your marriage for many more years to come!

  2. No, and I’m speaking for myself…I didn’t know what being ‘married’ really meant. I professed love to my wife without knowing what love is…you know, the self-sacrificing kind. Thus it was easy for me to say I loved her without really doing anything but looking out for my own interests. We were a knife’s edge from separating when I went to a personal counseling session with a priest, who taught me the meaning of love-he unknowingly gave me a book to read, which was headered by the Beatitudes. Having not read any of the Bible in years, this passage knocked me down, St. Paul style, and I immediately promised to always try to love ‘that’ way. We’re a lot better now. It’s still hard, but what, that’s really worthwhile, is not hard???

  3. We’re going somewhere very special. We leave next Sunday (27th) to Atlanta, and from there to The US Virgin Islands. We’re staying on the island of St. John, but doing day trips to the British side islands. I’m hoping to do a nice wreck dive while there, and another dive, too. We’re going to Mass on our anniversary at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Charlotte Amalie, and watching the Super Bowl on the beach.

    Regarding the Confiteor idea, I got that from my favorite priest, who, during a mission suggested doing two examinations of conscience every day. One at noon, one at bedtime as you pray your nighttime prayers. After your nighttime examen, you pray the Confiteor. Another priest recommends confessing sins against your marriage to your spouse, then going to confession…in number and kind. I don’t exactly do that, but I do let my wife know that I consider myself unworthy of all she gives me. I tell her I’m sorry frequently, and ask her to put up with me some more…

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