Pope St. Damasus

Lost in all the Advent and Guadalupe hubbub (I use that word cuz I can’t think of another), yesterday was the feast of Pope St. Damasus, pope from 366 to 384, who commissioned St. Jerome to compile and translate the Bible.  In other words, there was a decision made either before or during his papacy which codified which books would be in the Bible.  Not the Protestant Bible, THE Bible.  They determined what books would be in the compilation, and commissioned someone to translate them from Greek and Hebrew into Latin.

Just think of the significance of this event…

One thought on “Pope St. Damasus

  1. Very cool, indeed. Thanks for the info. Which reminds me….I gotta get moving on my morning prayers which just turned into afternoon prayers thanks to the distraction of my blog and the internet. Sigh.

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