Atheists attack Christianity

As is typical of this and the Easter season, we’re under attack by atheists.  SIGH! Again.  A few comments…


1.  One on the news this morning was the creator of a billboard in Times Square seen below:

american atheists christmas billboard

What they don’t seem to realize is that, without the “myth” there would be no merry.  My second point will explain.

Atheists, in their talking points, love to say that people for millenia have held vigils to implore the sun to return to their particular hemisphere, which is true.  But then they try to equate Christmas with these events.  But it’s not.  Even modern Christians think that we do not know when, exactly, in space and time Christ was born.  And yet, we know more than we think, and one lay Baptist has put together the evidence.  You can watch it on Youtube here and read about it here You can support the ministry there for a copy of the DVD ($10).

And lastly, what is a myth, anyway?  According to The World English Dictionary, one definition is

2. a person or thing whose existence is fictional or unproven


but we know that the Gospels in the Bible are historical. In fact the entire NT is historical. Paul’s, James’s, Jude’s, Peter’s letters were written in history. The Gospels and Acts are corrorborated by other external documents. So next time you talk to an atheist, explain to him that historical veracity of Jesus. Try to get them to agree that Jesus really lived. If you do that, then you can move to the liar, lunatic or God discussion. Because based on his claims in the Bible, Jesus either really is God, or he’s a lunatic. We take Him at his word. He’s God.


2 thoughts on “Atheists attack Christianity

  1. Seeing atheist billboards really really irk me. I try to distract my children on those rare occasions that we happen to drive by one of them. Freedom of speech and all that, but you don’t see us putting up billboards putting down somebody else’s faith, you know?

  2. Thankfully, they’re not that prevalent, Janice. But just like watching History Channel and Discovery Channel, if you watch during the Christian holy days, beware. It’s pieces like that that keep me blogging.

    I was thinking of you and your kids today at Mass and hoping the two girls aren’t too affected by the Sandy Hook incident…

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