Right to choose, right to work…

Isn’t it strange that the same people, Democrats mostly, who support a “Woman’s right to choose” whether she’ll have the baby or not is also the one that is against having people be able to choose whether they work in a union or non-union shop?

It’s ok when you provide a choice that they want available, but it’s not ok when you provide a choice that they don’t.


Michigan is voting today on whether to become a “Right to work” state.  This means that people would no longer be forced to join a union to have a job.  Of course, the unions are fighting it, because they reap huge benefits for themselves, and those benefits trickle down to those employed and belonging to the union.  The state of Michigan, which right now boasts an 18% unemployment rate, is trying to fight the unions.

I am not anti-union, though I have always been opposed to being forced to pay union dues when I don’t see any benefit by paying such.  I was a member of the Teamsters, and when I had a dispute with management, they didn’t lift a finger to help me.  I was a member of unions that variously did stage management in government auditorium facilities.  I was a member of the union that supported (sic) the grocery store I cashiered for as a teen in the 70’s.

I know that unions had their place, in the early 20th century, all the way to the 60’s.  But today, unions are, largely, obsolete.  I believe they should take their business to the third world, and make working conditions better there.

The thing is, we’re a mobile society.  It used to be that unions would do the job searches for you, because there was no readily available internet.  But today, in the recent past, I found two jobs without ever taking a day off from work, or spending any time or expense.  Good jobs.  I didn’t need a union to certify that I’m a member.  I didn’t need a union to negotiate a fair wage/salary.  I didn’t need a union to get me good benefits, or retirement/pension services.  Most people do not.

In the news last night, the Chrysler employees that were filmed smoking pot and drinking at lunch hour were given back their jobs after being fired for misconduct.  The employees in the Jeep Cherokee plant are the worse for the decision.  The employees were admitted back because, after all, they were on their own time when they were getting boozed up and high on marijuana.  Who cares that a company, which can be sued if a car they sold fell apart on the road, cares enough to ensure that they produce quality products?  I used to like Jeeps, and my son-in-law works at Chrysler, at least he did.  But knowing that workers on the job in the Jeep plant will certainly encourage me to not even think about buying a Jeep.

So, in today’s society, unions are known for fighting for someone who has done something wrong, and needs representation. But in most cases, the union is on the wrong side.  Why should a union teacher in NYC be allowed to move from high school to high school after being accused over and over of molestation or harassment of students?

At any rate, I wish the political folks on the left would find consistency.  Either you’re for choice or against.  And if you’re for choices, you should be for all choices.  The truth is that pro-choicers are not pro-choice, they’re pro-abortion.


2 thoughts on “Right to choose, right to work…

  1. I found myself nodding as I read. Unions once served a very useful, even vital, purpose in ensuring workers’ rights. This is no longer the case. Peace be with you — Kelly

  2. And with you as well, Kelly.
    The truth is that there are lots of things, especially in America, that were necessary at the time, but have suffered from mission creep. For example, Social Security, the Department of Education, the EPA, just to name some. Oh, and Affirmative Action.

    The problem is that government programs never really die, they just find a new cause to champion. Thanks for reading.

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