Reliance on God

God is in control.  Regardless of what happened in the election on Tuesday, regardless of the super storm Sandy, the HHS Mandate, the poverty in Africa, the Arab Spring, global warming climate change, unemployment, underemployment.  Regardless of what we think, what we’re feeling, or what we do, God is in control. And I believe that we need to remember that everything is a gift.  In the gospel reading yesterday, Jesus and his disciples observe a widow giving the last two cents she has, and proclaims that because she has given everything, she will be in heaven.

Well, let’s examine ourselves, and ask the question, if God is in control, what is he in control of?  He allows us to think we’re in control, while still being in control Himself.  So, it’s God’s universe, God’s Green Earth, God’s natural resources.  Every breath we take is God’s gift, every day we work is God’s gift, every incident that happens to us, for us, in us, is God’s.  God’s talents, which we use to continue our existence, raise our families.  Children are also God’s gift, whether their convenient for us or not.  Every pain we have, we need to thank God, first for said pain, second for the ability to know and experience that pain.

Jesus never said that it was wrong to have wealth, to accumulate wealth.  Jesus tells us not to be attached to the wealth we attain, for it is not ours to be attached to.  It’s a gift, and it exists in our hands at this moment for some purpose.  In the parable of the talents, Jesus gave one 10, one 5, and one 1 talent. The one with 10 was a good steward, doubled what was given, gifted, and congratulated as a good and faithful servant.  The one with 5, also was a good steward, increased his talents, and congratulated as a good steward.  The one who was limited, though, with only one talent, didn’t do anything with what he was given, and so was reprimanded.

Our money is not ours, our lives are not ours, our families are not ours.  What is ours is to be a good and faithful servant of the Lord, regardless of what’s going on around us.  Regardless of who is in the White House, regardless of how the economy is going.  Regardless of all circumstances.  What we have is God’s and we’re supposed to be good stewards…


2 thoughts on “Reliance on God

  1. My money never was mine….went to the kids and the government. All I got was a lousy computer.

    I’m so trying to get out of this Obama funk. In a way, I feel like that big ol’ surprise visit from Jesus is due any day now. I hope. I just went to Confession so I’m safe. More or less. 😉

  2. Nunly, let God be God. Since you know it’s not yours, don’t worry about it. Just be a good steward of it, and when your time in this life passes, your time in heaven will begin. Eventually…

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