Need to have real conservatives as candidates

The conventional wisdom, after all the post-election analysis, is that the Republican Party needs to move to the middle to broaden their base. I’m here to tell you, that’s not right.  We need to be who we are-conservative.

Mitt Romney’s not a conservative, he’s a moderate.  McCain was a moderate. Linda McMahon, who lost, is a liberal Republican. Richard Murdock and Todd Akin are conservatives.  Scott Brown’s a liberal. Tommy Thompson is a moderate.  All of them lost.  More moderate Republicans lost than Tea Party Conservatives.

It’s the same way with our faith.  Water it down, and you will lose Catholics to the devil.  Tell the truth, in love, and you feed the people, and they grow in their faith.  Watered down Catholicism lead to the current state, not orthodoxy.

The same applies to Conservatism.  Conservatism favors a return to Constitutionality.  But let’s get some real conservatives, like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Cruz in Texas…

It’s an uphill battle, because the Republican Party does not like real conservatives.  Reagan won despite his conservatism…

3 thoughts on “Need to have real conservatives as candidates

  1. I’m really disappointed in America right now – especially to the Catholics who supposedly live in it. But you know, I fould it real interesting that, after seeing the “red and blue” map of the U.S. after the counts were in, that the west and east coast (and a few northern states) were undeniably liberal democrats. The solid middle of the country were Republicans. What say we just shave off the sides of the U.S., eh? (Just kidding.)

    Sigh. Another 4 years. I don’t know how we’ll get through this one, this time around… Rough sailing ahead, my friend. Pray for our children. That is their future. 😦

  2. Please don’t shave the sides, I live on the side…:D And actually, if you dive deeper to the blue states, like California, you’ll find LA, SF, San Diego and the Northern California coast to be blue, and the rest red.

    Janice, there were a couple of very good homilies from EWTN today and yesterday, about dealing with the disappointment of the election results. I’m going to link them in a post this afternoon. As well as a broadcast by conservative talk show host Mark Levin. Keep your chin up, hon. You are the future of our country, because you are raising your children the way they should be raised. This is why I promote your blog.

    Be not afraid, Janice, God has a different plan…I see Rubio and Ryan in our future…

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