Tuesday thoughts Part II

I think we all can agree that every American should have the right to work, and the ability to have access to transportation to said work. Some people will move to be near their employment.  Some will find public transportation to their employment, some will drive, take a train, plane, walk or bike.  But what is the government’s responsibility to the citizen?  Is it enough that there is a public bus system to bring said employee to employment in relative safety?

Also, if you watch automobile advertising, you’ll note that technology has given us surround airbags, rear view cameras, cars that know when you’re too close to the car in front of you, cars that know when you swerve out of your lane, etc. 

In the same sphere comes the issue of fair wages.  We all believe, I’m pretty sure, that a worker deserves prompt and fair wages for the work he does.  But who decides what’s fair?  For example, in one place I worked, I negotiated what I thought was a decent salary.  A few months later, some kid applied for the same position, with the same work, same skill level, same everything.  I found out later that he negotiated a considerably higher salary than I did.  Did that make my salary less fair?  In the parable of the workers, Jesus tells us that the vintner hired some in the morning, some around noon, some mid-afternoon, and some an hour before sundown, and then paid them all the same wage.  Is that fair?  We have a minimum wage law, and every election an issue comes up about raising that minimum wage.  But is it fair for the government to decide what a fair minimum wage is?  And on what basis is that wage determined?

So, the questions above are all related to this one.  When is it right for government to step in and set a standard, and when is it not ok?  And how does it apply to health care?  I believe that everyone in this country should have access to a regular doctor, and some amount of managed care.  But I do not believe that everyone has a right to all medical care.  In other words, you should have coverage, or must pay for some of your medical needs.  Just as every aprehended criminal has access to a free lawyer; but this does not mean that everyone has access to F Lee Bailey or Johnny Cochran’s advanced services.  And before you say that medical care is about saving life, let’s remember two things-1) Our government is including abortion, sterilization and contraception services, all of which have potential to kill a viable human being; and 2) many people go to prison because they can’t afford a good-enough lawyer, and people die pretty frequently in prison…

Remember your answers to these questions when you vote…

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