Might makes right….or does it?

One of the reasons moral relativeism doesn’t fly is that, if there is no absolute truth, then those who have power can force their view on you.  But we Catholics know that Truth is absolute.  How do we know this?  Because the Word, Jesus, endures, against all odds.

The Romans thought might makes right, and persecuted the early Christians.  Is the Roman Empire still a viable entity?

All throughout history, the secular world has tried to squash the Catholic Church.  In this century, the Communists, the Nazis, the Communists, the Japanese, the Chinese, and now the American government have tried to kill the Catholic Church, to no avail.

This is proof that the Truth is not transient, does not change, and that what was true then is true now.  Truth does not change.

In the 1940’s, the out-of-wedlock birthrate in the US was about 2%.  Today, it’s about 40%.  With all the birth control choices available, in this country, 4 out of 10 born children are out of wedlock. In the 50’s there were two sexually transmitted diseases.  Now there’s close to 20.

So, when the secular media, secular culture, and government encourage us to change things like the meaning of marriage, to bless and embrace the homosexual lifestyle, to go along with things that are explicitly wrong based on our faith, we need to stand strong.  The truth does not change.  Marriage is, in all faiths, the institution of a union between one man and one woman.  That’s what marriage is.  Sex is meant to be enjoyed in the confines of the marriage union, not as part of the schoolday, or anytime you want, after a night of drinking at a bar, or as part of a pre-marital trial.  Health care does not include birth control.  A baby is not an inconvenience, it’s a child, a human.

Now the government wants us to believe it’s ok to live in a society where the government, funded by the rich, for the most part, takes care of the needy.  That it’s ok to be one of the needy.  What ever happened to striving for something better?  This is not to say that, if you’re down and out, you should have no safety net.  Everyone deserves the dignity inherent from our Maker.    That’s why being charitable, loving those we disagree with, helping those in need, is important.

To see the Obamacare initiative put in place, and realize that it does not cover everyone, that some groups are being allowed to opt out, that abortion services and contraceptive services are part of the plan, and so on is really changing the face of what constitutes healthcare, and it’s forcing legislators to consider voting for the general principal of good, at least basic healthcare for everyone, at the risk of allowing non-healthcare items to come into play.

Obama wants to give us a nanny state.  I don’t need a nanny.  Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Might makes right….or does it?

  1. Of Course They’ll One day appoint openly homesexually, Because they are many who hide the sexuality by becoming priests So what worry me is how this useless priest rape boys, and the Church in other hand don’t say nothing

  2. The Catholic Church has never condoned homosexuality. No way, no how. That there are men who become priests who are homosexuals is true, but that means nothing to what you’re talking about. I’ve written extensively about the priests who molested children, and there’s no doubt that it’s a travesty. But to the Church’s defense, what they did was to rely on secular wisdom to try and deal with the situation. Psychologic thought at the time said to rehabilitate the priest and let him enter the general population afterward. So we know now that that doesn’t work. If you really believe the Church “don’t say nothing”, you might want to clean out your ears…

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