Well, I did find a job

Yes, I did.  A very good job, that takes my skills and puts them to excellent use.  A professional position.  Now I pray to God that I can fulfill the position.  So that’s taken care of.


But it makes me wonder why others cannot turn around in the same fashion.  Is it lack of work or lack of industry?  I don’t want to appear cold-hearted or uncharitable.  But I’m not supremely talented, and yet, I have never had a problem finding a job when I needed one.  Once, I got laid off the Friday after Thanksgiving, and secured a job that day to start Monday, at a better hourly rate.  That happened this time, too, same commute, same kind of job, same work, different company (obviously), better pay and better hours.

I will grant that all this news the last 3 weeks has had me worried, even though we’re told to not be afraid.  But with prayers (yours, included) it’s do-able.  I have lots of paperwork to fill out, but I thought I’d let my readers know.


God bless.

2 thoughts on “Well, I did find a job

  1. With everything going online, more and more companies have started relying on the Internet for posting vacancies in their organisation. Thus, registering with some good websites that specialise in jobs classifieds can really help you. As a job-seeker, you can search and apply to the available jobs as well as post your own profile to reach the employers looking for someone with your kind of qualifications and experience.

  2. I feel blessed and lucky to have not needed to go through a long period of unemployment. In fact, I had secured the job before I received my first unemployment check, pittance that it was.

    The reason for my post is just to wonder aloud why people who want to work aren’t working…

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