God draws straight with crooked lines

EWTN Chapel

OR, God works in mysterious ways… After working for several years devoid of any other thanks than a paycheck, several months ago, I started looking for another job.  Within a short period, I had multiple offers, one of which I turned down because of the commute involved, and instead I took another job in the same industry as before.  I accepted odd work hours, a very unusual working system, and didn’t think much of it, other than that I might have to deny my call to the diaconate.  Well, after a few months, it wasn’t ‘just’ ordination I was putting on hold indefinitely, the entire milieu was taxing my wife to the max.  And after four months, my new employer and I decided that it wasn’t the place for me.Within hours, the other position I had been offered, the one with the commute I didn’t like, came up as open again.  So, I fired off my resume to the recruiter, and within three days, I had my first interview.  I showed up after spending an hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at a nearby beautiful church, made my three wishes for success in the pending interview, and went in.  I met with the director of the team I’d be working for, and then met with the guy whose spot I would be taking…and in walks a friend from the old company who’d been laid off three and a half years before!  We were on good terms and everything, so I was able to relax a bit, and had a good interview.  My second interview is pending, so I’d ask that you all keep me in your prayers… But how do I see God’s hand in all this???  First, the timing of my decision to leave a company after 7 years of sweat equity.  The timing.  At the time I was hired there, my personal life needed the flexibility I had there, and having a boss I got along with was a blessing.  After he and my co-worker got laid off, I didn’t have time to mope, either.  There was beaucoup overtime to assuage my losses.  It worked out for my co-worker, too.  He spent a good deal of time traveling Europe and finding his wife.  So anyway, I bided my time, and eventually got the cold shoulder from my company, and decided it was my time to move on.  The recruiter for the job I’m considering was kinda heavy handed and advising me to go after that position even if it seemed wrong to me…it turned out he was right.  In return, I accepted a position at another company that wasn’t ideal, but it was about two miles away from the position I’m seeking now, and the commute for the last four months has proven to me that ‘commute’ is not necessarily evil-it only is evil if you have to do the driving.  I found a commute bus, and built-in prayer time, along with exercise built in to my day-half a mile to and from the bus terminal, and half a mile up the hill to go to noon mass.  So two miles a day.  Now, God willing, my walk will be further-a 1.6 mile walk, according to Google.  Church is a block away. I appreciate God stepping back and letting me learn these meaningful things.  And to top it off, the communion antiphon for the day I interviewed:  Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest…. Thanks also to Basil Valdez for turning me on to that song… God bless.



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