I am energized!

This is a rant on several subjects…

First, let me say how disappointed I am in NBC’s Olympics coverage.  I’m an earlybird, I must get to work early, and consequently, I go to bed early.  At this time of year, the sun is still up when I get to sleep.  But because I’m such a sports fan, I tried to stay up a while for the last weekend of the Olympics.  On Friday evening, our coverage started at 8.  Yay! SPORTS…uh, no…a memorial to the 92 Dream Team.  THEN sports.  Now, I liked the Dream Team, I appreciate what they did.  But I really wanted to see sports, and I don’t think the prime-time coverage was the time to be showing this half-hour special.  Before the coverage, after the coverage, during the weekend daytime coverage, but not in prime time.  I don’t even know why Primetime is from 8-11, but most of the time, I don’t care because most of the shows, I won’t watch, and those I will, I can DVR.  Sports is different.  So, by the end of the first hour of Olympic coverage, I got 22 minutes of actual sports.  Saturday morning, we were able to watch the daytime coverage, and found out that the women’s indoor volleyball team was in the final.  To this moment, I don’t know how they did, because they were shown in primetime Saturday evening.  Saturday evening’s coverage started at 8, again-this time it was an hour-long journalism piece on London in WWII.  Again, I have nothing to say about the content of the piece, what I have to say is – it doesn’t belong in the sports coverage.  Just to update, I just Googled it and Brazil won.  OK!  I didn’t watch any of the closing ceremony because….

We were basking in the news we got Saturday morning that Mitt Romney chose a Catholc-Paul Ryan-to be his running mate.  I am very energized and spent a lot of time listening to this man speak about many, many subjects.  I have to say I am optimistic about the rest of the year, now.  Of course, God is in control, and what will happen, He wills to happen.

God bless you.

What say you???

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