Healing through Divine Mercy

Fr. Dwight Longenecker writes @ http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/2012/07/healing-through-the-divine-mercy.html

I know what your problem is. In fact, I know what everyone’s problem is. Furthermore, I not only know the problem, I have the solution.

Maybe your problem is that your are greedy or selfish or lustful. Maybe you are insecure or you are arrogant (which is another way to be insecure). Maybe you are confused or bereaved or lonely. Maybe you are sick and suffering, unemployed, discouraged and depressed. Maybe you think you are too fat or too thin, too poor or too rich. Maybe you have an addiction: you are an alcoholic or a sex addict or a drug addict or a fat cat financier addicted to money, status and power. Or maybe you are an adulterer or a thief or maybe you are just a comfortable middle class suburbanite who is utterly, crashingly fed up and bored. Maybe you have one of these problems or one or many more.

I am convinced that at the heart of all our problems is an empty or a broken heart. What I mean is that there is a “love lack.” Our problems stem from the fact that we do not have enough love–total, unconditional, over whelming love. Somewhere along the line an ache like a hunger pang developed in our heart and we sensed way down deep that we were not loved, or at least we were not loved enough. From that perceived lack of love we developed our problem. All the problems listed above and all the others you can think of are some sad sort of human attempt to fill the gap.

Here are some examples:

Mercy is Love’s Second Name

Some examples of how the lack of love produces problems: “I did not feel the love I needed and I perceived love as comfort so I began to comfort myself with drugs or alcohol or sex or over eating.” or “I did not feel the love I needed and I perceived love as admiration so I began to seek the admiration of others through success and status and winning all the trophies.” or “I did not feel the love I needed and I perceived love as security so I accumulated as many material things as possible so that I would be secure.” or “I did not feel the love I needed and I perceived love as sex so I pursued every sexual experience possible.” or “I did not feel the love I needed and I perceived love as the admiration so I pursued everything to make people think i was beautiful and wonderful. I spent my life trying to please others.” I could go on. You could go on.

Use your imagination and you will soon see that your problems are rooted in the perceived lack of love. Now, the reason I say “perceived lack of love” is that the love that you needed may have been there, but the fact is the human heart is such a love desert that no human source of love–no matter how wonderful–will fulfill it. I learned this when listening to a person in counseling who was complaining about her parents. She explained how they did not love her, how they did not express their love and confidence and how deprived she was. But I knew her parents. They were good folks. They were good parents. They were kind and generous and loved her very much. So the problem was not necessarily lack of love, but perceived lack of love.

I am convinced that the only way to cure these problems is to address to root cause. The root cause is perceived lack of love at the very foundation of the person’s being. What they need, therefore, is a love injection at that lowest foundational level of existence, and the only way I know how to do this is through the Divine Mercy.

When I was a college student I began to pray the Jesus Prayer–the repetition of “Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, Have Mercy on Me a Sinner”. This prayer comes to us from Russia. Recently, through my growing interest in the Divine Mercy devotion I have come to realize how the two combine. No wonder that the Divine Mercy devotion comes to us from Poland–that beautiful country that bridges the Eastern and Western church. There is a wholeness and beauty to the repetition of either the Jesus prayer or the Divine Mercy prayer: “For the sake of your sorrowful passion, Have mercy on us and the whole world”

The repetition of this prayer can penetrate your hard heart. It can be the injection of love at the foundational level which will bring about a cure. Bl. John Paul the Great said, “Mercy is love’s second name.” So through this devotion many in this broken and violent and love starved world will find healing, redemption and peace.

I encourage you to try it…and I don’t have any other ideas.


4 thoughts on “Healing through Divine Mercy

  1. i am beginning to see the connections between depression and lack of love. am i depressed from a lack of love for so long? i think so. i just had a terrible day where i waited outside in the rain for a guy i thought i was dating to answer the door. two days before he was kissing my neck and looking at me with love and affection, but how quickly craziness comes out and the look changes to disgust. sometimes i feel it is hard to open up and show your weird sides when you know that you are not all that crazy. maybe it was a test? he told me things that were really a crazy blow to my ego. i tried calling someone tonight for help but nobody answered. i am not suicidal but am so broke emotionally and physically that i don’t know how to scrape myself off the ground. i tried meditating and doing jumping jacks tonight when i was having an emotional breakdown. i can’t sleep. i have no money to even go buy some tylenol pm. i sat in my closet and tried to read the bible even. where’s the love? years of no love has made me nuts literally crazy. so do i give up? i’m melting away into oblivion and no one seems to notice. i understand why people want to die because sometimes when you need help the most, when you really just want someone to give you a hug and say things are alright and they don’t, what do you do? i’m watching videos on attracting love on you tube. i guess i just find that after crying and looking to higher powers, sometimes the best medicine is to to realize the tears need to come out but then what? i’ve cried so much, been alone so many years, i put myself out there, i’m not hideous, i’m okay i think. so someone stand up and love me damnit! i’m just going to watch seinfeld. happy festivus! watch tv. it’s friends for lonely people.

  2. If we (I) are honest with ourselves (myself), we all suffer from a perceived lack of love at some point, even when everything is going well. On my lunch break today, I spent a few minutes at a nearby Chapel of Eucharistic Adoration and said the 2 prayers you mentioned: Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Jesus Prayer. Doing that helped me to refocus my day and gave me a tremendous sense of peace as I continued on with my work. When I can’t get to Chapel, I still say the 2 prayers since the chaplet and the Jesus prayer are so easy to memorize. Thanks for liking my About page on my blog.

  3. Yes, we all do, and we just need to realize who loves us infinitely. Thanks to you I joined Catholic Bloggers Network, too. I found you through the Lame Housewife.

    One of the reasons I changed jobs was that, when I started my last job, I could go to daily Mass at least four times a week. Then my office moved 30 miles down the road and I couldn’t go anymore. I felt a real void there. Now, I have a better commute, better money, exercise, and I get to go to Mass again. I will put up with a lot, if I can go to Mass at least a few times a week. Daily Mass saved my marriage.

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