Deadliest Catch

I am a devoted afficionado of the Deadliest Catch, having watched most of all the seasons.  But last week’s show has to top all of them.

What amazes me is how rough and tumble all those guys are, yet how much heart they also have, when you break through the crust.  On last week’s show, Captain Keith, who doesn’t take any **** from anyone.

(Three days later, I finish the post…)

Well this show had everything-a medical evacuation from a 100ft. boat bobbing in the Bering Sea, a storm-of-the-century Arctic hurricane which many on land didn’t survive, a captain pushing his boat to the limit to catch the crabs he’s paid for, and then limping into the lee of a barren island to wait out the storm on one engine through a trecherous passage between two islands.

Anyway, this is the best show on TV, bar none.  Secular TV that is…


3 thoughts on “Deadliest Catch

  1. I love this show soooo much. The Hansen brothers are my favorite. 🙂

    But lately I’ve noticed that Discovery doesn’t always bleep out them taking Jesus’s Name in vain. I hear it at work but I’ve been struggling with the fact that watching this show might be a sin because of it? What do you think?

  2. No, it’s not a sin to hear someone do that. I’d suggest saying a prayer, as the Lord says “for they know not what they do”. Those folks put themselves in life and death situations so that the world’s hoi palloi can eat crab. I read somewhere that the Japanese love the blue crab, but don’t think much of the red. I wonder if they know the pain folks go through to get that crab. Last week, one of the guys lost a piece of his finger.

    I think watching working men work is good for us, though. I think it’s a sin to be stuck on something like Desparate Housewives because of the lust in the show, which could lead you into that temptation. But hearing someone swear in a pressure situation likely isn’t even a sin for them. I do pray for these guys, and I hope Josh is going to make his dad proud…And WOW! JAKE on the Northwestern got MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!He’s my favorite of the deckhands.

  3. Yes, I do admire them so much. They work so hard-just to provide for their families! And I pray for them almost every night. I know it’s not a sin for them because they honestly don’t know any better but I guess thought it was sinful for me to watch because I do know better and I volunteer to watch the show whereas I don’t volunteer to hear it at work. So thank you for explaining it to me. I wrote to Discovery and asked them to be more careful about censoring it. Who knows how much good it did but at least they know someone cares.

    Oh, I was so excited about Jake! He’s really matured since he came on the show. He’ll be another Edgar.

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