Reflecting upon the upcoming feast day, my mind rested on how scared the apostles really were after the events of the passion…and how filled with the Holy Spirit they became at Pentecost.  Imagine being huddled up in a room, all these first saints and martyrs, along with the Blessed Mother.  Now she must have known something, after bearing a son out of ‘wedlock’, and spiriting him away at an angel’s request to escape Herod, being told that sorrow would pierce her heart, and then it coming true 30 years later.  Mary knew who Jesus was, but the apostles had not the slightest clue, yet.  Then Jesus spoke to them, and cleared all that up, gave them strength to keep up the good work he had started.  On Pentecost, the spirit came down, and enabled the apostles to go into the rest of the world and preach, giving them the strength-and courage-to go, as Jesus tells us in John, where you don’t want to go, preaching, spreading the Good News, and building the Church.  Jesus planted the seed, and watered it with His blood.  The apostles were the branches of the Vine, and the church grew quickly, despite Satan’s best efforts.

What say you???

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