Isaiah 53

People often wonder how, in light of Isaiah 53, how could the Jews not see Jesus as the fulfillment of that prophecy.

I know that, from what I can see on the internet, it’s because they teach that the nation of Israel is the fulfillment.  And that’s the way prophecies go.  We do it with Nostradamus today.  We apply what he said to an event that takes place, and call him prophet.  More likely, he was a drug-induced psychodelic poet.

We must not rely on a single body of a prophet as fulfilling our Messiah, though.  Jesus walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus, showing the disciples how he fulfilled each and every word of the Old Covenant.  Now we don’t know what, exactly, entailed that Old Covenant, because it wasn’t even defined until 200 years after Christ died, and we know that the Jewish powers that be decided to excise lots of the Old Covenant to make it fit their story.  We also know that they deny having part in Jesus’ crucifixion, even denying that Jesus ever lived, and, I’ve heard, not allowing Isaiah 53 to be taught in synagogue.

What we do know is that Jesus excited his followers, those who embraced all that he taught.  That’s what Catholic is-embracing all.  We apply it to Christians and non-Christians, because we don’t ask when we’re ministering to the poor, sick, naked, thirsty, imprisoned.  We apply it also to what Jesus taught.  We take his words seriously, but we also know that he taught so much, it was impossible for the disciples to get it all down on paper.  In fact, they were frightened by the events of the Passion, so much that they forgot what Jesus had taught them. Only after, when he came back, taught them and comforted them before ascending to heaven, did they remember, guided by the Holy Spirit from ever forgetting again.

Please reflect on Isaiah 53 between now and Holy Week.


What say you???

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