How do we measure Catholic “success” this political cycle?

Will we be “success”ful if we have a majority of pro-life Catholics, a pro-life president, and a majority of pro-life governors?

Will we be “success”ful if we finally get a reversal of Roe vs Wade?

I really don’t think all those things matter.  I think what matters is that we change individual hearts.  In the vein of the pro-life movement, if we convert a majority of hearts to the fact that killing an innocent baby in the womb is murder, that sex outside of the sanctity of marriage is wrong, that even if you use ABC it’s wrong…that will be success.

There would not be abortion clinics if there wasn’t a market for them.  If they couldn’t afford to pay the doctors, nurses, staff, rent, etc.

We need to start with Catholics…

God writes straight, but with crooked lines.  Sometimes he allows some bad into humanity in order to show what it would be like if we go down that road.  We can look at self-centered capitalism (where we’re only raking in as much money as we can so we can buy that bigger house, better car, fancier vacation, etc) and see that maybe the economic bubble that burst a few years ago was a wake-up call.  It’s possible that the Obama presidency is just such a wake-up call.  That certainly has not been wine and roses…

One thing I’ve learned…Things operate better when we’re lean and mean…hungry.  I saw a show this weekend that suggested that a hungry hunter is more likely to come home with food than one who’s on a full tummy.  In the worldy vein, this means that our faith needs to be challenged, pruned, and fertilized in order for it to grow.  This economy should be teaching us to do more with less, and to take care of the less fortunate with what we have.  We should know by now that Roe v Wade and abortion laws are probably here to stay, but that a little love, placed in the right place at the right time, can work miracles.


What say you???

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