Is the US Government really protecting the people??? Really???

In the hubbub over the HHS mandate that Catholic entities provide birth control as part of their health plans, and the furor over the testimony of the 30 year old Georgetown Lawschool student, there is a point to consider that I have not heard brought up.

The Government says that the Catholic entities must provide birth control pills because they employ non-Catholics, who don’t necessarily have the same moral rules that Catholics do.  But isn’t this disingenuous (50 cent word)????  The same Government states that we cannot ask a potential employee about his religious background, along with sexual orientation, or ethnic background.  By doing so, those Catholic entities cannot hire who they want to.  So, if I’m a Pentecostal and go to apply to work at a Catholic hospital, the HR people and the potential boss cannot ask what my religion is, or if I agree with the Church’s stated position against artificial birth control.  If I could ask such a question, along with some others, I would be able to determine who to hire based upon their qualifications, but also based on whether they’re a good fit for my staff.

The government should not be allowed to have it both ways.  Either Catholic employers can decide to hire only Catholic workers, or the government needs to respect people’s moral values and allow them to opt out of health care which provides artificial birth control.  I realize that 100 years ago, it was employers discriminating against Catholics because they were Catholic, but hey, as Catholics, we’re used to that.  I believe that employers discriminate in hiring all the time.  They may not admit to it, but have you ever seen a heavy, out of shape person working at the reception desk at a health club?

.I think it’s time that employers be allowed to ask deeper questions of their potential employees, especially when said answers might enhance or prevent the implementation of the goals of the company.  Catholic institutions all have a secondary function to promote the Catholic faith, and Catholic morality.  So even in a Catholic School, we should know that the teachers will teach based on Catholic principals, directly in line with the Magisterium.  In fact, there should be a signed document stating that, as a condition of employment, you will promote Catholic values (and be specific about those values…).


What say you???

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