Irritation at public secular media

I don’t know why, but sometimes I get so upset at the crud we are subjected to on television, which is why I don’t watch too much of it.  But my wife is not a reader, and she likes some shows when she gets home from work.  One of them is “Ellen”.

First, the positive about Ellen Degeneres, and full disclosure.  Ellen and I are from the same community, were even on the same swim team.  But I do not know her.  So, to the positive.  She tries to help down and out people with her generousity. I’ve seen many times that she will just surprise someone who she’s heard about, with a new car, or a check for $10,000.  Yesterday, she closed out a contest which was giving away a safari.  She had several finalists all come up on stage, and she had them blindfolded, and made them imitate animals.  The audience was going to decide the winner.  After all the somewhat funny antics, she let the cat out of the bag.  All of the finalists except one were Ellen’s staff.  The one was a nursing student who lived with her boyfriend and their three children.  The woman had scraped up pennies for a year to be able to take the kids to the local zoo.  She was the winner of the safari.  On top of that, Ellen gave her all the gifts she had bestowed on her audiences during the Twelve Days of Ellen at Christmas, plus every gift given out since then.  Now regardless of what I might think of the woman’s lifestyle (having three kids, unwed, and a student), and regardless of what I think of Ellen’s lifestyle (gay and “married”) I have to say that Ellen’s generosity awes me.  I like her because she’s a Drew Brees fan.  Past that, she’s hard for me to take.

During her show yesterday, Ellen had one of the castoff women from The Bachelor, and I wondered in my head about why anyone would subject themselves to that kind of a show?  First, what would be the fruit of the show?  “True love”?  A paycheck and possible future shows?  Exposure?  And what, pray tell, is exposed?  That you’re willing to throw yourself at some guy in order to get hitched?  That you have to expose details about yourself that you’d, in past years, keep to yourself?  Are you particularly proud that you were naked in a hot tub after midnight with only the camera watching you, with no clothes on, and doing whatever happens in that tub?  Are you proud of the gossip and slander you placed on your rival contestants?  Love is not a game.  This sort of thing is serious.  Now, I’m a believer that two people who know what love really is (in a word, sacrifice-see Christ on the Cross for more details), can make a decision to love each other.  It is, after all, a decision.  Nobody’s perfect, everyone has faults, and regardless of who you are, everyone else in the world is going to irritate you sometime in your life.  You put up with snoring, aging, getting fat, their superiority complex, their political views, and so on.  If someone else did it, you’d hate it.  But your significant other, you tolerate-that’s a decision.  A noble one, too.  At any rate, displaying the chase like that on television is not the right way to start any relationship.

Many other shows are like this as well, at least the humor is raunchy, the taste is bad.  Whatever happened to “Tool Time”, which had a beautiful girl on the set once a show, and the rest of the time was two guys and the family, the guy being a ‘typical guy’, the wife correcting him, and the family very coherent.  The worst thing on TV was Dynasty, or Bay Watch.  How steep the slippery slope, and how difficult it will be to climb back up…


What say you???

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