Stop being so self-centered

It infects every aspect of our lives.  Self-centered-ness.  And most of all, taken to almost any extreme, it’s a sin to put yourself before anyone else.  Jesus said so, read Matthew Chapters 5-7.  The Sermon on the Mount.

So, everything you do that’s geared toward grabbing for yourself (family aside-you’re supposed to provide for them), stop it.  Just stop. 

Are you really in that much of a hurry that going 5 mph faster is going to make a big difference?  If so, why not choose to leave earlier??? (I know there are some circumstances where you just couldn’t leave earlier, if you have kids, you know what I mean…but wouldn’t it be better to get there safe, and not endangering every other person on the freeway?  FWIW, if you have an hour drive, and you go 5 mph faster, you gain 5 minutes.  Is it worth the ticket?

Are you really that hungry for attention that you’re willing to do anything to get on YouTube, television reality shows, and so on?  Why?

Must you have the latest greatest cellphone/70-inch 3-d LED thin-as-a-piece-of-paper TV/Ipad/pod?  The hottest car/the latest technology? What does it really prove?

I’m know that sometimes we need to rush, that some people have great talent and need a way to showcase it, or that having some entertainment technologies are ok.  I’m saying that we need to take time to consider the other person.

When we zip in and out of traffic, don’t you realize that this causes chaos and causes other people to lose time getting to work?  Kate Upton aside, do you realize how goofy some of the videos on YouTube are, and that much of the time it’s just people behaving badly to get noticed?  And while technology is great (look what I’m doing here…), don’t you know that texting while walking is eventually going to get you hurt?  And that distractions in the car cause accidents?

Not that I’m a saint or anything, but I don’t text at all, and I see people having collisions walking from the train to work, and I see people look down to change the radio station, or press the phone number on the blue-tooth thingy, and look up and wham-o!  Heck, the other day I was marvelling at the wildflowers in bloom on the freeway, and almost had a wreck, so if you’re holding meaningful conversations in the car, you’re bound for an accident.

Try not to get distracted folks.  Concentrate on what you’re doing, don’t try to cram so much into every minute that you have to sock down three energy drinks just to survive your day. 

And finally, find some down time.  Read a (real) book.  Maybe the Bible?  Or do some spiritual reading.  Unplug sometime.  Limit your connectivity to the outside world.  The way the news cycle goes these days, you know days in advance that the President is going to give a speech, and just what he’s going to say.  Then, the analyze it for three days, then comes the day of the speech, then for three days they have analysis and rebuttals.  You can honestly go a week without the news.  Weather is simple-stick your hand out the door.  If it comes back wet, it’s raining, if it’s cold at the same time, it’s possibly snow.  As for traffic, see above.  Know how long it should take to get to where you’re going, add some time based on the normal traffic. You’ll get there soon enough.

End rant.


What say you???

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