Why is everything all of a sudden “sexy”?

I hear the word ‘sexy’ being bandied about almost as much today as I do ‘love’. I really believe we are saying a word when we don’t mean it.  How is a house or a room sexy when it’s been well decorated?  How is a tool, like a chain-saw, sexy?

Sexy is an adjective that describes sexual attraction in humans.  Are we sexually attracted to a nail gun?  Or to a house?  Does either of those things make us want to have sex with them or in front of them?  I think not.

I would like to propose a return to another word, especially when we find something attractive, let’s just call it ‘attractive’, unless we really feel a sexual identity with it?  It just means that I want that…whatever it is, right?  Wanting earthly things, or having an attachment to them, is natural, if it’s not disordered.

But further, even if we see someone who we are attracted to, should we immediately think ‘sexy’?  I believe this way of thinking gets us in loads of trouble.  As a man, if I see an attractive woman, society would paint her as an object-a sex object, someone who’s there for my pleasure.  But it’s wrong to objectify anything.  That’s worshipping that thing, to some degree, and worship is reserved for God.

So while we may take pleasure from seeing a pretty girl (or guy, for you ladies) walking down the street, I urge people to stop thinking ‘sexy’.  ‘Attractive’ fills the bill.


What say you???

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