Thanks-giving to God for all that I have and all that I am…

Yesterday was  a good day for me, except in sports.  Packers won, boo, Dallas won, boo, Nadal lost, boo, but the Ravens won.

But that’s not what it’s all about, is it?  We started the day with a quiet breakfast and our morning prayer, then got ready and went to Mass.  For our Thanksgiving Mass we had a bell-choir, a small orchestra, accompanied by pipe organ and piano.  Musically, a beautiful Mass.  Then we had an excellent homily, mainly about how it’s not right to call it “Turkey Day” because our first call is to thank God for all our gifts.  We’re to realize that it all belongs to God, and therefore, everything is a gift from Him.

Today is Black Friday, and we’re not setting foot in any store except for groceries for the next month.  Advent begins on Sunday, and we will prepare the way for the Lord.  We’re once again sponsoring the Fathers of Mercy to conduct a parish mission for us, and we’ll be involved with that, and recuperating from those challenges we’ve had for the last 8 months.  Yes, we can thank God for even those…

Happy Advent to you all.


What say you???

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