Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Our Gospel reading and first reading this Sunday begins the four week cycle of preparation before the beginning of Advent (which is also about preparation). Wisdom 6:1-6 and Matt 25:1-11.

I’ve been thinking a lot about preparation lately, in that I’m currently experiencing trials in helping my wife take care of our home while she nurses her broken wrist.  I’ve come to see this as preparation for our later years when she might not be able to do all she does now.  It’s also preparation for her to learn to tolerate my ways of doing things, which are somewhat different than hers.  Looking further back, we can all see how God has prepared us each for this very moment.  Through our past experiences, we learn to tolerate and even embrace what happens currently in our lives.

I’ve been grousing a bit because of promises made at my work when I was hired that haven’t come to fruition, but because of this juggling act I’ve been doing the last 6 weeks, I come to see that I might not be able to handle an elevated job responsibility and at the same time adequately care for my household.  I’m learning that having an income that’s stable suffices, that we have more income than we need, and that in the status quo, I can handle work responsibilities and home responsibilities adequately.

So, advising my readers, I’d like to encourage you to accept your struggles and learn from them.  What you learn will come in handy down the road sometime.


What say you???

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