The Help

Last weekend, to take a break from eating and gambling in Las Vegas, my inlaws suggested we go see a movie.  Having been burned by watching ads for other movies, we were hesitant, but decided to be nice and go anyway.  I figured I could always sleep, if the movie turned me off.  The movie we were going to see was The Help.

This is one of those movies that is helping to start turn Hollywood around.  It was a good moral story that accurately portrayed one of those bad times in US history, when blacks were heavily discriminated against, to a point where they couldn’t use the regular bathrooms in the homes where they worked.  This was a movie where the main players were not willing to go with the flow, and did something very courageous for the time.  There was courage on both sides of this issue, both in the white journalist that actually facilitated and mentored the book, and also on the part of those ‘help’ that submitted stories. 

Another such movie is coming into wide release this week, The Way starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.  I never used to like the Sheen family because of their politics, but of late, I see a very Catholic head of family, even if his children don’t act like they should.  The Way is a story that takes place in Spain/France, on the Way of St. James (the Apostle).  The pilgrimage serves as a vehicle for the father in the movie to honor his son by completing the pilgrimage.


What say you???

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