Why me, Lord?

How many times do we ask the question “Why me, Lord?”  Most of the time it’s asking God (if we ask Him at all) why he’s put us into a situation we don’t like.  Isn’t it?  As in “Why, me, Lord?  Why did you let my husband/wife cheat on me and ruin my marriage and my life???”  Or  “Why did you allow that hurricane to come plowing through my town, destroy my home, and leave me in ruins?”  Isn’t that usually the case?

But like the song, shouldn’t we also ask God this?

“Why me, Lord?

What have I ever done

to deserve even one

of the blessings you give?

Tell me Lord

what did I ever do

that was worth loving you

for the kindness you’ve shown?”

Even if we’re not Kris Kristopherson, we’re human and prone to mistakes.  But even though we’re human, we should realize that every breath, every step, every act we do is a gift from God, and our attitudes should reflect that.

Last night, on The World Over, Raymond Arroyo was interviewing Jeni Stephanek, a woman who’s gone through many trials in her life, and yet, she’s a positive Catholic influence.  She has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, all four of her children have died from the same rare form of MD, and yet her son, who died at 13, was a positive force (and still very much is through his poetry and biography), never asking “Why?” But most often putting what gifts he had to great use, answering the question of “What for?”.

God does allow bad things to happen to good people.  But never without a reason.  We may never know in this life what that reason is, but that doesn’t mean we should stop asking “What for?”  What task are you asking me to do today Lord?

We often leave God out of our conversations and decisions.  We ask children “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.  Shouldn’t we ask them “What is God calling you to do?”?

Have a safe, happy Labor Day weekend.


What say you???

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