Sorry to all, been sick the past few days…

But I’m back and alive and kicking, thanks be to God!


2 thoughts on “Sorry to all, been sick the past few days…

  1. Yay! Hope you’re feeling better now. I just figured you took a break, lots of that going on this time of the year in the blogosphere.

  2. Well, it may have just been exhaustion. We’ve been doing a kitchen remodel (well supervising), and our home-owners association decided to replace our siding at the same time. So chaos inside, chaos outside, and of course, work never relents. Finally on my wife’s birthday, I was dressed and ready to work, and my body just started shutting down. We had company that night, about 15 people, and both of us were feverish. We managed to have a good time, even though neither of us ate or drank anything (except birthday cake…). I still had a twinge of it yesterday. But the kitchen is done and beautiful, with a brand new Electrolux stove and beautiful God’s granite counters. In the midst of it all we had a parish retreat to prepare for, so it was time for a break. We’re going to Atlanta, Nashville, and Auburn Hills, KY in a month…that’ll be a nice break. God bless!

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