Prophecies of Humanae Vitae

Prophecies of Humanae Vitae.

On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae re-affirmed the Catholic teaching on life, love and human sexuality.  In that document, he listed the consequences of life lived outside Catholic teaching.  

He predicted that:

1. Contraception would lead to conjugal infidelity.

2. Contraceptive practice would lead to a “general lowering of morality.”

3. Contraception would lead men to cease respecting woman in their totality and would cause them to treat women as “mere instruments of selfish enjoyment” rather than as cherished partners.

4. And finally, widespread acceptance of contraception by couples would lead to a massive imposition of contraception by unscrupulous governments.  

In other words, Pope Paul VI predicted that contraception would evolve from “a lifestyle choice” into a weapon of mass destruction.  How dreadfully his prophecy has been vindicated by population control and coercive sterilization programs, fertility reduction quotas and the promotion of abortion literally everywhere in the world.

Contraception’s destruction of the integrity of the marital act—as unitive and procreative—has dire consequences for society and for our souls.  Contraception, in other words, is a rejection of God’s view of reality.  It is a wedge driven into the most intimate sphere of communion known to man outside of the Holy Sacrament of the Mass.  It is a degrading poison that withers life and love both in marriage and in society.

By breaking the natural and divinely ordained connection between sex and procreation, women and men—but especially men—would focus on the hedonistic possibilities of sex.  People would cease seeing sex as something that was intrinsically linked to new life and to the sacrament of marriage.

Does anyone doubt that this is where we find ourselves today?


One thought on “Prophecies of Humanae Vitae

  1. There’s no doubt that this is where we are today, actually it has become worse than even I could have imagined. Marriages are way down, couples prefer to live together and have children long before they even think of getting married…if ever.

    Divorces are down because there are no legal marriages. I would venture to guess that at least 95% or more of women who get married in the Catholic Church have been sleeping together for most of the time of their relationship before marriage. That white dress…nothing but window dressing, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    My kids are just as guilty of what I’m talking about, but they would never listen to me because society is so accepting of this immoral behavior. I know…as I type this I sound like a prude, but I strongly believe that if our society doesn’t come to terms with morality issues soon, we are doomed to destroy ourselves.

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