Need to know

I used to listen to a lot of conservative talk shows-both radio and television.  I’d go from Rush to Dr. Laura to Sean Hannity through my work day.  I got tired of it, especially when I made my life decision to spend my life for God.  I don’t listen to any talk radio at all, my dial is stuck on Catholic radio in the car.  When I’m not listening to that, I have a collection of Catholic talk, from Fr. Corapi, to Church History with Fr. Michael Witt, to Fr. Wade Menezes, to Catholic Answers archive, I rarely know what’s going on in the world during the day.  I do watch a limited amount of Hannity and O’Reilly, and the local news before leaving for work.

Last night, Sean Hannity had Dr. Laura Schlessinger on his show to talk about current issues.  I know they’re friends and all, but it came to light that Dr. Laura has gotten a tattoo and a pierced belly button.  I don’t care too much whether she has or not, what I care about is “Why do I need to know?”  Why is she flaunting it?  And it’s not that she showed the navel ring, though she did show the tattoo on her shoulder.  But for it to be a  topic of conversation on national TV, and for her to be so immodest about it bothered me.  I think it’s immodest to show these things to people you aren’t intimate with, even though I think the purpose for getting either one is to show yourself off. (Except for tribal type Polynesian tattoos on Polynesians)  But the same thing with plastic surgery of any kind.  Whether you admit it or not, you’re not doing it ‘for yourself’, you’re doing it so others think you look good.  Other things people use to call attention to themselves:

Clothing style (or lack thereof)



Excessive sports gear based on one team

Anything that can be read-lately this comes across the chest or bum of a young girl.

Anyway, Dr. Laura, while I quit listening to you, I believed in your message.  Until now.  Your latest book is about revenge, or so you say-I didn’t read it.  Revenge is always the wrong way.  Jesus (I know, your Jewish and don’t believe in the Christian idea of Jesus) taught us to turn the other cheek, and the Shema says to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your strength, and your neighbor as yourself.  Yes, even if your neighbor betrays you.


What say you???

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