Holiness…I wonder?

I’ve been silent for a while, I know.  Busy lately, with sponsoring a parish mission at Advent, working around said mission, then taking a deserved break to drive to SoCal in torrential rains.

The parish mission was great, and already we’ve seen some seeds sprout.  Some folks have caught fire, hopefully the flame will continue burning…

We had planned a weekender trip to Simi Valley to tour the Reagan Presidential Library.  We left Saturday morning in the dark, and navigated through the weather into Simi Valley, arriving at our destination around lunch time.  They had an exhibit about Christmas Trees through our country’s history, which was marvelous, but the scale model White House, weighing in at 10 tons, complete with working televisions, and miniatures of furniture and photographs (even of the current president), garbage cans and Secret Service agents was really special.  I took one movie of the Reagan Oval Office, which looks like I came in through the window.  Then on to Air Force One, a beautiful sight, and last respects at the gravesite of President Reagan…then on to Santa Monica for the night.  Pouring rain all the way, ho, ho, ho…

Sunday morning, we had plans to go to one church for Mass, but the bellman gave us directions to another.  Boy we’re glad he did…we ended up at St. Monica’s, Santa Monica’s first church, which has been lovingly restored after the 94 Northridge Earthquake.

One thing I will say about St. Monica’s…they sure know how to pack a crowd…I wasn’t particularly moved by many things, but it was an…experience.  Very protestant.  They had an LA-style band and choir which was good in and of itself, just not good for liturgy.  Children were called up to stand around the altar at the consecration, which was a bit off-putting, and nobody knelt after the Sanctus…I almost did, but bowed to my wife’s desire…the Monsignior wandered around the sanctuary like Charles Stanley or something.  I am glad we arrived early, it gave me quiet time with the Lord. Not my style…I’m not one of the ‘frozen chosen’, but I like to worship God differently.  Solemnly, and reverently.

Driving back was wild and wooly…raining heavily through Santa Maria, tapering off the rest of the way north.

Merry Christmas, everyone…


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