Welcome, Fr. Wade Menezes

Father Wade is coming to our parish for a 5-day mission beginning Sunday.  In the past few weeks, I’ve been looked at in wonder as to how ‘I’ could have gotten/engaged Fr. Wade to come to my little parish.  My answer has always been “Divine Providence”.  It was Divine providence that put my wife and me in the position to know people who know people who know Fr. Wade.  The rest is the work of the Holy Spirit.  This is the culmination of several months of ‘work’, getting details down.

Anyway, after setting up a couple of these parish missions, I am interested to know how ‘you’ fulfill your mission, the one God gave you?  The one to ‘go out to all the nations’, the task of evangelization.  What do you do?

For me, as a 5 year old Catholic, it’s always been about doing.  Go to daily mass whenever possible, see a need in the parish and try to fill it.  I lector, I help bring orthodox speakers into my parish, I weed the garden, of course give money to the church, to the poor, to the needy (not nearly enough).  I’ve sponsored new Catholics and mentored them as they became elect, then catecumenate, then baptised and neophyte.  I read nothing but books about my faith in order to learn more, and learn how to express my faith better.  My faith is the center of my life.  My wife and family are part of that faith.

If anyone cares to show how they serve the Church, I’d love to know about it.

Rejoice and be glad!  Our preparation is almost done.  Gaudete Sunday is approaching.


74 thoughts on “Welcome, Fr. Wade Menezes


  2. He is an excellent homilist. I don’t know how fast a letter would get to him, but here’s the address and phone from their website.

    The Fathers of Mercy
    806 Shaker Museum Road
    Auburn, KY 42206

  3. Fr. Wade is THE BEST! Every time he says Holy Mass I get a pen and paper and make notes on everything he says, then I file them in a folder in my computer. My wish for this year is to go to Hanceville and Irondale on vacation and, please God, meet Fr. Wade in person. Fr. Wade is so reverent, so knowledgeable, so filled with the Holy Spirit. I like the way he repeats parts of his homily because we need to hear and internalize what he is saying. Thank you, Lord, for calling Fr. Wade to the priesthood. His holiness will inspire people to become more devout in their Catholic faith and will inspire young men to seek and answer God’s call to a vocation to the priesthood. His homilies from this first week in January are awesome! How do I find out information regarding his possibly coming to the beautiful city of Corpus Christi, TX to conduct a parish mission?

  4. Diane, thank you. I absolutely agree with you about Fr. Wade. I don’t know his schedule in Hanceville and Irondale, he’s on the missionary road about 4 out of 5 months. To engage him for a parish mission, you should have your pastor contact the Fathers of Mercy and find out his availability. The contact information is above. The website is http://www.fathersofmercy.org. Be aware that you should plan this nearly a year in advance. I just recently heard that the Fathers are on retreat until the 15th of January. Father Wade is at Irondale this week.

  5. I heard Father Wade Menezes today from Irondale Ala. He was very uplifting to me.I enjoyed the referance to the Tribunal of Mercy. Father Son and Holy Ghost. He stated that so wonderfully. I really liked his Homily. He is very knowledgeable and think he is full of the Holy Spirit. May God Bless him and all of America.

  6. Glad to know you appreciate Fr. Wade. He’s a spiritual friend. You can go to EWTN.com and search the audio archives to find more of him, or any of the homilies that eminate from there. If you need more resources, let me know.

  7. Fr. Wade Menezes is so smart. He is so holy. He is a great inspiration to all those listening to his homily. He’s never boring. I thank God that Fr. Wade has been added to be a priest on EWTN for Mass. 🙂

  8. Well, not really. The priests of EWTN, the Franciscans, are on retreat every year, the week of Epiphany. Fr. Wade fills in for them each year. That’s how I came to know who he was…

    Everything else you said is very true. In fact, I’m finding that ALL the Fathers of Mercy have a great charism of preaching.

  9. I really enjoyed this mornings sermon Father Wade Menezes had in his sermon. 2/12/12 EWTN beautiflly said and presented..God Bless you Father..

  10. Diane, as said by another, you took the words right out of my mouth. My wife and I watch the morning Mass every morning on EWTN. We absolutely love Fr. Menezes.
    We discussed this morning that it is going to be our mission to have a mission for our cluster of parishes here in SW Wash. Good tips from David and to plan a year in advance. We record the early morning Mass, 5am our time for morning viewing and our “Protects” of the dvr are loaded with Fr. Menezes homilies.
    God Bless All of You.

  11. Be aware that the Fathers of Mercy do not normally grant your request for a particular priest automatically. You need to have your pastor make the request, too. The Fathers of Mercy have a charism of preaching, though, so you’re going to get the same good content from them all.

    You can also get the audio of all Fr. Wade’s homilies at the EWTN website. They’re archived.

  12. Thanks for that David and a very good point. I’ve only seen one other priest and that was a long time ago. Are the CD’s audio only or are they available in video which I would prefer.

  13. Second comment…..I could listen to Fr. Wade Menezes’s homily for 1 hour and never be bored. He is so inspirational. I wish I lived closer so I could attend Mass @ EWTN’s Our Lady of Angels Chapel, but I live in Connecticut. I’m glad I can watch Mass on TV from home (I don’t work a lot of hours and am home a lot). Thank you Fr. Wade for sharing your Catholic faith with us. And please pray to end abortions/murder of innocent babies…. And that our tax money is not used to fund abortions. Peace.

  14. Actually, they’re free mp3 downloads. Go to http://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/intro.asp and type in Menezes to get his series audios on mp3, or type in homily, and go through the list to find all of his.

    While I like Fr. Wade personally and pastorally, I want to discourage making him a celebrity in our minds. I did that for a time, and had to realize that he’s a priest, like any other, just a better speaker and instructor. When we see the priest at the altar, we’re supposed to see nothing but Christ. That said, I learn a lot from listening to him.

    One of the reasons the Fathers of Mercy don’t give you a priest by name is because of the “star” aspect, where people would focus on the celebrity rather than the message of mercy, sort of like what happened to John Corapi.

  15. Excellent comment on the “celeb” syndrome. Reading that convinced me when I speak to our Pastor re a Mission for our cluster it will be “a priest from The Fathers of Mercy. However, with that said, why is it that Fr. Wade is at EWTN so often?

  16. Father Wade’s first assignment after ordination was to be chaplain at the Church in Hanceville. He conducted talks and missions there for a year, then they requested he stay another year. Ever since, he’s been a regular at EWTN, probably because of his communication style, and also possibly his photogenic appearance. His order’s generalate is about two hours from Irondale. There have been others-Fr. Bill Casey; and one who did his first homily there-Fr. Joseph Aytona who was trained by Fr. Wade.

  17. hello,i write to you from iran,,,,isfahan city.i belewe to jesus christ,for 2 yaer,i have a family ,waife and 2 chidren,teher ate cristian with me,,,,but i dont know chatolic,,,but very i love fr vade menezes,,,i think his come to me haert from god,,,his face and his noise speaking with my haert,,,i think its gods work… i wish fr wade menezes talk with me,or writ to me we have together email sending for gods road………..amin

  18. Karim’s comments have many typos. Probably because he/she doesn’t know English. However, the comments are positive and I am happy they were posted.

  19. I too look forward to Mass at EWTN when Fr. Wade is Celebrant. I am more inspired by the reverence with which he celebrates the Eucharist than even by his homilies. I am sorry to say that all of the Celebrants at EWTN do not seem to capture the great mystery they were blessed by their ordination to perform.

  20. They each do, in their own way. If everyone was like Fr. Wade, we’d get tired of them. Some are more spiritual, some are more informing. Fr Wade is a blessing, but so is Fr. Mitch, and all the Franciscan priests, in their own ways. Thanks for reading!

  21. I agree that Fr Wade Menezes is an excellent preacher, however i would like to
    see him smile sometimes, I do hope he reads my comment as is am 68 years
    old and think that the human touch would greatly enhance his ministry. JILL

  22. Jill, having known him personally, he does smile, but not usually during Mass. Much of the time it’s from his eyes. Fr Wade believes, I think, that when he’s celebrating Mass, he’s really In Persona Christi, and so tries not to call attention to himself, but Jesus.

    Thanks for reading.

  23. Fr.Menezes is great, I have a great line up of my favourite priests, fr.Glendenn MccDonald, Fr.Michael Busc, Fr.Joseph Mary, Fr.Mitch, Archbishop Tagle, Archbishop Cheput,Cardinal, Andres Rodriguez, Cardinal Thomas Collins.

  24. First the Risen Lord and then Father Wade makes me so thankful that my parents raised me in this great faith. Father Wade is absolutely a great priest! Thank you Lord!

  25. Had I known him or someone like him sooner, I’d have been a better person. All the Catholics I knew growing up were horrible people. Including the priests and brothers in high school. But Fr. Wade makes me love my faith all the more.

  26. God works in mysterious ways. His ways are not our ways and he uses other people. Good things happen when you least expect it and when we wait. Fr. Wade reminds me of the priests from the old school like I knew growing up. He tells it like it is and that’s what I and this world we know needs.

  27. I agree with you.Father wade and father pacca have brought me back.they now there theology.and have made me grasp jesus more.pat

  28. Listening to Fr. Wade makes me understand my religion more each day. I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to hear him. God Bless!


  29. If all priests were like him this world wouldn’t be the mess it is now. He absolutely tells it like it and is not afraid of hurting someone’s feeling’s because it’s the politcally correct thing to do.

  30. It is definitely easier for an itinerant preacher to come into a parish and tell them like it is, than it is for a pastor to do it the same way. Pastors get criticized, regardless of whether they’re too conservative, harsh, critical, or easy. Fr. Wade can come in, preach the truth, inspire people, and then get out of town…
    He’s definitely not afraid to challenge us. It’s not about whether he offends or hurts someone’s feelings. Sometimes we need our feelings hurt. I know I need a good kick in the can sometimes…

  31. Father Wade ios such an inspiration; his homillies arev always informative and his`explanations are positive and well understood. I watch EWTN mass daily since I am homebound, and even though I like the priests and brothers of EWTN; I always look forward to hearing Father Wade!

  32. If the priest wants an audience, that kind of answers your question. Bishops want to know why folks are leaving in droves…As a pastor, the priest is to tell it like it is, but in some gentle way.

  33. I was wondering through a pilgrimage in pursuit of holiness and truth. For years I wondered from church to church, only to sense something was wrong or false. One Sunday, I was about to simply give-up when I I found Fr. Wade giving an outstanding homily on EWTN. It was apparent that he was the Persona Christi. I joined the Catholic faith and I have never been so fulfilled in my whole life!

    Today’s message was so profound! I would not be surprise that Fr. Wade one day become a high official. Fr. Wade is truly a gift from the Holy Trinity.

  34. I agree with you. He saved my marriage, in all likelihood. And while he may be viewed as “someone”, a star of the Church, per se, I believe that the Fathers of Mercy are a very humble organization, with a specific mission, and that their gift is that of preaching. So you may never see Fr. Wade elevated to Monsignior, or Bishop, or anything like that. If you want to thank him for what he’s done for you, my suggestion would be to make a donation to the Fathers of Mercy at their website. http://www.fathersofmercy.com. They will be thankful for your thought.

  35. I agree with every one of the comments that have expressed how inspirational Fr. Wade is in each individuals life.Fr. Wade is far away the very best and more believed priest’s i have ever heard.I can not wait to see and hear him preach on EWTN. and become very thrilled when he is a fill in with this morning mass at the EWTN net. I pray one day that he be elevated to one of the more elevated positions in the catholic faith.May GOD, continue to gift him with his outstanding presence in our lives.

  36. Fr. Wade inspires me, his homilies are a gift, I too take notes from his homilies, I also enjoy the Crux of the Matter segments.


  37. Fr. your homiles are boring. Why do you repeat everything four or five times as if your listners are 5 year old kids.

  38. I’d bet it’s because what he says is important, and most people listen to homilies as if they were 5 year old kids…

  39. Father Wade’s homilies are never boring to me. He just wants us to get what he is saying when he repeats things.What’s the name of your parish and where is it? My wife and I would like to attend one of his missions.

  40. First time i listened to Father Wade Menezes …. what a priest wish all the priest are like him hope one day he becomes our Pope in the future … he open my heart in a lot of ways … I just missed 2 12 things hecsaid what are those we have to be thankful to The Most Savred Heart of Jesus i missed 2… Please e mail me if anyone remembers it i will be looking forward fo i want itbto be my Christmas Message to all my friends and Family

  41. Just finished day four of our Saint Joseph’s Advent Mission here in Modesto, California lead by Father Wade Menezes. The church has been packed each day and he also is doing the homilies at the daily masses to further shepherd as many as he can while he is here. There were two nice ladies who pilgrim-ed from San Jose to hear Father Wade and I invited them to experience our perpetual adoration chapel (a must see) with its beautiful murals and oil paintings that draw one closer to our Lord. Getting to have a couple of short personal conversations with Father Wade during his visit with us was awesome. His love was genuine and it left me feeling that I had a new brother in Christ. He has a heart of a saint living amongst us. A true role model to lift us all up in our journey to sainthood. Our Father in Heaven wants us all to be perfect and by knowing His Son Jesus, we know how to love God and one another perfectly. Father Wade is a great inspiration in helping us be more grateful for our faith and to want to strive harder to live it and be more Christ like in all the moments of our life. Teach your children well my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and bring or drag if you have to, your children to a Father Wade Menezes or other inspirational priest, parish mission.

  42. Is St. Joseph also Fr. Wade’s home parish? I went to his father’s funeral in Modesto, and his committal in Patterson.

  43. He mentioned that he went to High School in the little town right next door to Modesto; a town called Ceres. So his hometown parish might have been at the church in Ceres. But he has done three missions at Our Parish at Saint Josephs here in Modesto. Perhaps because our parish is so active with so many ministries. Our’s is a stewardship parish. When there is a mission here the church is full and people come from nearby towns to attend.

  44. I think it might have been St. Jude in Ceres. You’d be correct there. I wish I had known he was in the area…

  45. Well I suspect our parishioners will be praying to have him back again someday. We want to share him with the world but in time we hope to be blessed again with having him lead us in another parish mission.

  46. Kevin, any of the Fathers of Mercy would do that. Fr. Wade is the best, along with Fr. Bill Casey, but there’s several fine young priests that give good missions. That’s their forte’ to give hard-hitting parish missions.

  47. That’s very true. Having spent a career in the USAF, I was blessed with getting shepherded by many priests as we all rotated to new tours of duty every few years. Each one touched my life in their own unique way and I came to appreciate the value of the hearing God’s truth from so many of God’s holy servants.

  48. I believe Fr. Bill Casey of the Fathers of Mercy was a military officer, maybe Army. Of course, so was Fr. Corapi.

  49. The military chaplains were awesome. I hope that they are still allowed to preach our church’s infallible truth concerning morality. It’s sad how teaching the truth runs the risk of being deemed hate speech. I hope our military chaplains don’t get silenced by those who reject truth and want to persecute those that want to share God’s truth with all.

  50. One thing I’ll say about this…people tend to think of priests as lazy do-nothings who attend parish events and say Mass. I’ve been privileged to know many priests who are neither lazy, nor do-nothings, and would willingly die for their faith. I know priests who volunteered to enter the military and serve in Afghanistan and Iraq just so that the boys would have a spiritual father to turn to. Some are very pastoral, some are hard-hitting. But there is no such thing, in my mind, as a cowardly priest. They engage in spiritual battle every day. And sacrifice their lives.

  51. Our parish has many ministries and is a stewardship parish. We have a perpetual adoration chapel and a wonderful campus. It takes a lot of pastoral leadership to make that happen and keep it happening. In my military experience, the chaplains earned their good night’s rest each day because their days were full of service to God’s kingdom. They do a lot of consoling for the military people that have all sorts of hardships. The divorce rate and suicide rate of military people is way to high.The long and lengthy separation from loved ones, generates the need for the troops to seek spiritual nourishment and the chaplains put in long hours as a result.

  52. IMG_5426.jpeg

    Dear Father Menezes,

    At this moment I am watching your sermon on ‘hell’ and I was led to first of all…thank you! Many thanks for this amazing sermon! In my humble estimation…not enough is ever said about hell! Nobody seems to ever bring it up or desire to teach on the subject. Yet, it is the fear of hell, that will cause us to desire heaven!!

    Many years ago I had a profound mystical experience in where I was supernaturally shown just exactly what it is that we need to be ‘saved’ from!
    To this day, I do not desire my worse enemy to go there! As still a young girl, I was shown the full horror of that place and why we should do everything in our power to escape going to that ‘place of horrors!’

    May The Lord bless you,
    Leah Ann Paul

    (“Divine Truths Revealed”
    :A Glimpse Behind the Veil of the Material World)

  53. Were you watching “Reality Check: The Four Last Things?” That chapel is gorgeous. FYI, Fr. Wade and four of his brother preachers are on the way to Australia immediately after Divine Mercy Sunday. Keep him and them in your prayers.

  54. Leah: Enjoyed you comments about your glimpse of hell and your commentary of why knowing about hell is so important to our salvation. Your post caused me to remember something Emily Rose mentioned in the movie about her exorcism. When her exorcism failed, a heavenly voice came to her and gave her the option to depart from this life quickly or to continue to live on, being possessed until her natural death. She opted to continue to her suffering and said that by people seeing and hearing about the evil possession of her body, more people would come to know that satan and evil spirits exists. And that as more people come to know that Satan exists, they would indeed have to believe that God exists as well. They will choose God over the the evil that Satan always brings. So thank you Leah for sharing your experience and wisdom on this matter with all whom hear it. Please share more of your vision of hell with us if you can.

  55. All priests are annointed by God in His Wisdom and His Planning for He is the Creator of Man, the World and all that is on this earth. God has allotted His work each with a particular Mission to be fulfilled by his representatives on earth — the Priests and thus annointed each one of them on their day of Ordination to bring back souls — His Lost Sheep into His Kingdom.

    There are many priests who catch the attention of their parish communities by way of preaching, working with the youth, the widows, the down trodden etc. physcially, spiritually, financially with the aid of the parishoners etc.

    Let us not comment on the work they carry out, but pray for them, since they are the most sought after by the Evil One as they bring souls back to God in their own little ways and after all they are also human beings – maybe your brother, my brother etc. A small and sincere prayer for any priests you like or dislike would do much good for you and for the Priests involved than to splash their name with a comment for in reality you are hurting God when you talk of priests with a pun intended, as he is God’s representative on earth.

    Well done all the Father of Mercy and priests in every small or big parish/community serving God with their best ability and lots of love and sacrifices too.

    I wish to know how I can get to the homiliy literature on the matter of discretion as was narrated by Fr. Wade Menzes in his homily early January 2015 or if I can have his email address to find out about the same.

    God bless our priests around the world.

  56. To answer your question, he mentioned it during his homily, but here’s the link: http://fathersofmercy.com/priests/fr-wade-menezes/

    Go to the bottom of the page.

    I wonder, regarding your comment, where you had any thought that I don’t support all priests, or pray for them? In fact, I’ve blogged about how priests don’t have family to turn to to help them with their demons, that they are alone and we should support them. And I do.

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