Who are Jesus’ brothers and sisters?

In the gospel today, Jesus is preaching in a home when his mother and cousins (remember, Jesus had no siblings, Mary was and is a virgin) came and asked for him.  In order to illustrate a point, Jesus asks those around him “Who are my mother, my brothers and sisters?”  He gestured around at his disciples and dimensionally out to us, said that when we do His works, we are his brothers and sisters.

So the question we have to answer within us is “What do we do to be considered in the family of Jesus?”  We must do any or all of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Corporal works of Mercy:

  • To feed the hungry;
  • To give drink to the thirsty;
  • To clothe the naked;
  • To harbour the homeless;
  • To visit the sick;
  • To ransom the captive;
  • To bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy are:

  • To instruct the ignorant;
  • To counsel the doubtful;
  • To admonish sinners;
  • To bear wrongs patiently;
  • To forgive offences willingly;
  • To comfort the afflicted;
  • To pray for the living and the dead.

How are you doing the works of Christ?


What say you???

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