More about our trip to the Philippines

I went to the Philippines for a family occasion this time, and in the process met several prominent people, the (now) ex-president of the Philippines being one of them. Not like I got a chance to talk with her, but I did shake hands with her. We had a very pleasant trip, mostly. It was hot and humid, but we were indoors a lot, whether shopping in the many malls there or eating. After the family function, we flew to Cebu, toured Cebu, the most notable highlights being the Santo Nino de Cebu Basilica and the Taoist Temple, which reminded me of another monastery (Catholic) I’ve been to in the Philippines. We spent two days and a night in Cebu, so went back to the Shrine to shop for religious items before catching a ferry to Bohol, about an hour and a half trip. While in Bohol, we took an all day tour of the island, seeing many impressive sights, mainly some of the churches which are 400 years old or more and made entirely of coral rock, and then there were the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, which at one time were under the ocean coral reefs. Bohol is a clean, friendly place for tourists, and I would highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in the Philippines.

Next time we go, maybe a dive or two in Palawan…:)


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