Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night

I don’t often comment about network television shows, because by and large, they all are a waste of time.  I find great things, though, in Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, though.  It’s understandable how this show succeeded when it’s predecessor didn’t.  Last night was my favorite show.  I think it was a rerun, but we just didn’t have time to watch.

The team was on their way to a home in Tyler, Texas, where a man and his wife had adopted some special needs children from Kazakstan.  All of the children they had adopted had been afflicted with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a deformity caused by entrapment of fetal parts (usually a limb or digits) in fibrous amniotic bands while in utero.  The dad also had health issues, and because of mounting hospital and health bills, they were unable to keep the house safe.

What was so amazing is not so much that the parents had to go to Kazakstan to adopt children, or the fact that they adopted children with birth defects.  It also wasn’t that Ty and his crew decided to help this family.  What was amazing was this one little girl who had lost half of both legs and one hand.  First of all, she was always so happy, and so energetic.  She puts me to shame. She runs, she bikes, she smiles, with two stumps for legs, with the help of modern prosthetic limbs.  She uses her resources.  So over the years, as she’s grown, she’s collected a lot of sets of prosthetic legs.  Now, she’s 7 years old.  I don’t know any 7 year old kids with a world view.  Not many, anyway. So this beautiful little 7 year old girl from Kazakstan, born without legs and one hand, has a desire to give away her unused prosthetics to help kids in Haiti who were amputated after the earthquake there.

My heart melted. 

I don’t usually try and judge whether the family was worthy of the home that the crew was working on all week, but at that moment, I knew that this family deserved it.  It was a special build, too, because they built a Mongol dwelling as the living room, complete with native symbols and things to remind the children of their heritage.  And the girl was able to see her wish get enacted-they showed one of her limbs being used by a child in Haiti, and the lame shall walk.  The family was also given a number of bonuses-their mortgage paid, a new car, a wood shop for the out-of-work father, a school room for the home-schooling mom.

People often wonder why God allows suffering, if he’s such a great, all-powerful God?  I think the reason God allows some to suffer, is so those that have will realize the value of what they have, and cherish it.  To realize how much they have, and share it. To help earn their way into paradise.


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