Church = “boring”?

We’re preparing for a parish mission with Richard Lane next week, and our pastor put a question box for parishoners to ask the speaker questions.  Not many were  put in the box, but one was pretty poignant:

“How do we get people interested in “boring” church, especially kids who refuse to go to “boring” church, since there is no consistent presence?”

I think that the answer is catechesis, both of the parents and of the children. People would never think of Church as boring if they understood Jesus’ real presence at each and every mass.  But the parents have to be firmly convinced of this fact, and act like it at home, for the kids to get it.  We often see the physical and ignore the spiritual.  This is not a new thing, it even happened when Jesus walked.  The people often saw Jesus humanity, and stopped there, forgetting that Jesus was divine.  Same thing happens now.  We see the visible and forget the invisible.  We see the bread, and forget that that IS the real Body of Christ.

I think even people who go regularly and practice faithfully often forget this fact.  The altar of your parish church is where heaven and earth meet at each and every mass.  Scott Hahn explains all this very well in “The Lamb’s Supper, The Mass as Heaven on Earth”. Mass is revealed in the Apocalypse. In the Book of Revelation Jesus is called the Lamb of God 28 times in 22 chapters. Dr. Hahn enlightens us to the fact that the only thing in Revelation on every page is the Liturgy. White robes, songs, prayers. Every page of every chapter the Heavenly Liturgy corresponds to the Earthly Mass. The Rite of Communion is the Marriage feast of the Lamb. Heavenly Liturgy and Earthly Mass are one in the same. Liturgy in Heaven, however, is far more glorious than can be described. But, he told us; we can go to Heaven here on Earth. That is where we are in Mass.

So if you really believe your faith, live it, learn it, love it.  Show it.  And then teach it to your children, and let them learn to love it.


What say you???

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