Sermon on the Mount/Jesus feeds the 5000

In all four gospels is an account, however they disagree, of the Sermon where Jesus proclaims the Beatitudes. After that sermon, the multitude is hungry, and the disciples are tasked to feed them. The conglomerate answer is “But all we have is 5 loaves and two small fish. How are we going to feed all these people??” Some will (erroneously) say that the miracle here was that Jesus encouraged all the multitude to share with one another. Hogwash! The miracle was, in fact, that Jesus fed 5000 men, and the women and children that accompanied them, with 5 barley loaves and two small fish (basically, sardines).

Why the detail of barley loaves and small fish? Why were they found with one small boy? The point, I believe, is that barley was one of the lowest of the grains, and made the toughest bread around, hardly fit for human consumption, and that two sardines wouldn’t be enough for one man let alone 5012. I think that the point of these details is to say that Jesus can work with anything that we give him, no matter how unworthy, no matter how small. The point being that we have to give. He already knows we’re unworthy, and that it’s all already his. We never have to point out how unworthy we are, or how unworthy our gifts are. The point is to freely give our gifts to his glory. Jesus gave his all for us, shouldn’t we give a portion of it back? Remember the story of the widow and her mite. It didn’t amount to much, quantitatively, but qualitatively, it was everything, because it came from her heart. And given. Freely.

This morning, we began to read John Chapter 6, the Bread of Life Discourse. Where we believe that Jesus literally told us that we must eat his flesh and drink his blood to get everlasting life. I love Easter season! Acts of the Apostles, and gospel of St. John! He is Risen! Alleluia!


4 thoughts on “Sermon on the Mount/Jesus feeds the 5000

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  2. I am a great follower of Jesus’ teachings because I think they make for happiness – but I moved from believing Jesus was the son of God (which he was because all are if we attain agape); to not caring whether he was or not because his teachings made me happy, and many believers didn’t follow his teaching though they practised. Today I have been through hell so that it almost destroyed my spirit, let alone reduced it to poverty, because I was too meek to have faith in myself and too caring to hurt others by putting myself first. However,though angry, I never forsook compassion. My circumstances have changed and I now have a lucidity and love which makes me realise that I am blessed and so grateful for my joy. I believe Jesus was my way and my light, but he led me to the God within me, which the institution of the Church never did, except perhaps through the example of St Francis, Pope John XX111 and Mother Theresa. Heaven is where the spirit rules, and I have inherited the Earth. Others can do it too only through the example of real carers, even if they are not Christian. I try to be such an example in my relationships with people and the environment, and not only the West.

  3. One must offer to Jesus the little that we think is ‘small’ and trust in him to make it big. Jesus uses the small things that we have to make something big i.e he can make you from nothing to something

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