Saints win Super Bowl (x)LIV

There are so many stories around this first Superbowl win…

Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees cements his place in New Orleans lore

By Jeff Duncan / Times-Picayune

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. – Sunday started in New Orleans with the Rev. Monsignor Crosby W. Kern (pastor at historic St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans) celebrating Mass with a Drew Brees jersey underneath his vestments.

It ended in Miami Gardens with Brees standing atop a gridiron altar to accept the Pete Rozelle Trophy as the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV after his near flawless performance led the New Orleans Saints to their first world championship…

Ah, what the heck, just go to for all the skinny.  But what a way to end a vacation!  A week at Atlantis, in the Bahamas, an almost-missed connection in New York on Saturday due to flight delays (we still don’t have our luggage!), and a day culminating in a Saints first-ever Super Bowl win.  As soon as I have the DVD, I’ll be inviting folks over nightly for viewing.


What say you???

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