Sowing seeds-today’s Gospel

In today’s gospel, the apostles pull Jesus aside after he teaches the crowd.  “Huh?” they ask.  “What does it mean?”.  Jesus explains what is meant by the roots of ones’ faith.  The seeds that fall on hard,unreceptive soil equal shallow faith, an unreceptive mind and heart, allowing only faith that has little basis.  Seeds that fall in the thorns are untested, starved faith, where as soon as some test comes that the prospective faithful doesn’t like (maybe a deformed child or an earthquake), it gets choked and smothered.  The seed that falls on rich soil is a robust faith-it has plenty of nourishment, lots of water, and is constantly seeking more.

This should remind us that you cannot just go to Church on Sunday and expect your faith to thrive.  The Church’s proscription that we must attend mass weekly is the bare minimum we need to get by.  We can always do more, whether adding prayer, spiritual reading, volunteer work, hospitality at church or anywhere you see a need.

Recently, a pastor from another parish noticed where I work, and connected some dots, told me his need.  I expressed it to the powers that be at work (I’m just a cube-filler).  Eventually, the request was heard by a vice-president, and said pastor will get what he needed.  Thanks be to the Holy Spirit for putting the two of us in the same room at the right time.  God always has a plan, and we should always listen for God’s call.

So, my challenge to you today is to keep preparing your soil for seed, listen for God’s call, or request, and always be ready to say yes.


What say you???

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