Catholics Come Home

If you have fallen away from the Catholic Church or you would like to become Catholic, please visit:


4 thoughts on “Catholics Come Home

  1. Ex-Catholics are more stubborn about their contempt for Catholicism compared to Protestants. I have talked to an ex-Catholic before and he really abhors Catholicism. No matter how much I try to explain to him the reason behind Catholic Traditions he still insist on his ignorance. I eventually gave up on him. I thought to myself that if he’s really looking for truth, he would do a lot of research like Scott Hahn did.

  2. Welcome back Carmi! Most people who are searching will ultimately come to something they’re comfortable with, but only if they really seek the truth will they come home to Rome. One of my daughters left the church as a teen because her boyfriend at the time asked her to come with him to church, and she fell in lock, stock, and barrel. I have 5 grandchildren living in ignorance, but when I try to tell her, charitably the truth, she just denies it. Many are just lazy. But I will keep trying.

  3. Happy New Year, David! Ok…it’s not midnight yet, but I’m signing off my computer for the evening.

    See ya next year!

  4. I was an old fogey myself. I know it was New Year’s Day somewhere, just not here. Besides, I celebrate Catholic New Year-first Sunday in Advent…that’s excitement enough for me! Hope your year brings you better things…

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