Saints-Patriots last night

I don’t usually comment on my old passion-NFL Football.  I say old passion because my passion is for the Lord, and NFL games are most often on Sundays.  Sunday, at least morning, is a day of worship, and I’m on the West Coast, so we often miss the first round of games on Sunday.  But I still look at scores and when we get into the car, we turn on ESPN radio to see who’s doing what, and we have the afternoon game on, and watch the evening and MNF games.  But we used to subscribe to Sunday Ticket and cancelled that.  Of course, this is the year my team, the Saints, hits it’s stride, but that’s ok.  My history with the Saints goes all the way back to their first year in the league.

I was at the first game against the Rams when we ran back the opening kickoff for a TD.  I was there when Tom Dempsey kicked his record-setting fieldgoal.  I ushered in the stands at old Tulane Stadium, and sold beer at games in the Dome when it was new.  My dad’s first set of season tickets cost $60 per seat and in the end zone they were $48.  Dad suffered through 40 years of the Saints, enduring the bags on the head fans, faithfully sitting through to the last second of every game.  In miserable weather (threats of tornadoes and hurricanes wouldn’t stop him from going).  My dad died three years ago, missing the Saints try to win the NFC against the Bears.  I’m sure he’s enjoying the games in heaven.

Last night the Saints were very special…This season is special, so far, and I hope we get a Super Bowl for “Christmas”.


What say you???

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