Greetings, brothers and sisters

As you might or might not have noticed, I’ve been engaging with a couple of evangelical protestants the last few days, this being generated by my last open letter about Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium.

Work has also been hectic.  I worked 100+ hours last pay period, so time’s been sorta short for me to keep writing.  I’ve taken on another lectoring day, so I lector Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and last Sunday and this Saturday evening.

Another activity, not as a reaction to Mark’s gospel from two weeks ago(Mark 10:17-30) Oct 11, but as an affirmation, I’ve begun to try to simplify my life at home.  After 15 years of engaging in the hobby of fish-keeping, we’ve given it up.  I started with a small goldfish bowl, and progressed, at one time having a pond in the back yard, and two reefs, one a 30 gallon and the other a 92 gallon.  Today, we have none. Two weekends ago, we shut off the pumps for the last time, gathered as many of our fish (8 of them), crabs, snails, baby starfish, hermit crabs, and one particularly large bristle worm (which we fished out of the rock and destroyed) anenomes and various corals and fanworms as we could find, and trucked them and the 100+ lbs. of live rock to a local aquarium store and sold it all.  Came home and scooped about 75 lbs of sand, cleaned up the tank and various equipment.  Probably not salable in this economy, we asked our parish if they wanted it, and they said they would.  So we donated all the hardware, lock, stock and barrel, and last weekend set it up at the parish.  So now, we will be able to see our beloved hobby with others taking care of it, and we can remain advisors.

Part of this decision was due to my increasing inavailabilty to maintain it, leaving the leg work to my tiny wife, also an impending life change when my office moves, increasing my commute by 30 minutes each way, coupled with my desire to serve the LORD more officially and trying to become a deacon.

So in the past year, we’ve given up one car, and a time and resource hog of a hobby. I also gave up smoking a year ago next week.  One by one, Jesus asks us to show Him how much we love him.  Fr. Larry Richards speaks of devoting more time in prayer.  He asks parishioners if they love Jesus, and when they say yes, if they prayed today.  If they say no,  he asks if they ate today.  They say yes, and he concludes that they love food more than Jesus.  Others say they didn’t have time, he asks if they watched TV today, and how long, concluding that they love TV more than Jesus.

It’s important to spend time every day with Jesus, not just going to mass once a week, but EVERY day.  No matter where you are, in season or out of season, convenient or inconvenient, we are called to worship God every day.  He deserves our time, all of it.  He doesn’t ask for all of it, just a little.  Read your bible every day.  No bible, no bread. No bible, no bed.  You can read a little when you wake up, or a little before you go to sleep.  Pray every day.  Silently.  Just let Jesus into your heart.  He knows what you need before you could even think it.  Our purpose on earth, according to the Baltimore Catechism is to know, love, and serve the Lord. 

Please, do it.


What say you???

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